12 thoughts on “small detail of my painting ‘whisper’ & voice”

    1. Thank You, Eduardo! Whisper was interesting; I was just riding my bike one day down a very tree-lined road and she popped into my head. She was very bossy and I immediately knew how she wanted to be painted. It felt like a five year old insisting You take their picture a certain way. Very funny and fun. The painting is actually on a long piece of wood with the tree, branches, leaves, flowers and sky taking up most space. She sits just below the middle…but photographing the whole thing for online makes her soooo tiny! Thank You for Your comments. I really enjoy Your art! Cheers. 🙂

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  1. Fanny destroyed my headset with her sharp teeth so I can`t listen to whatever it is for the 37th seconds. But I can enjoy your fantastic acrylic painting, the result of your imagination while riding your bike. It would have been real fun and interesting to see the whole creation but understandable, it’s not always that easy to photograph a long piece of wood 😀

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    1. Thank You! And…..Oh nooooo! 😅Maybe if You lay Your head on Fanny’s tummy, You can hear! Ha! Believe me, You didn’t miss anything. I’m just humming nonsense about Monday. Silliness. 🙂 I do have a pic of her in total as I used to have a website of my paintings and had it posted there. Maybe I’ll do it sometime. Thank You for gifting me my first laugh of the day! Silly Fanny! Have a great one!

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