18 thoughts on “all along our road”

    1. What a fun way to start the day! I just woke up and am sipping my coffee. This is one of the first things I read and You know how I like to write “Cheers!” ? Well, I thought perhaps “Uni” was a form of that in another language and it made me smile. Then I realized it was likely the beginning of the comment below and just got sent as You were starting to type. So You gifted a big smile, joy and some laughter straightaway! Ha! Okay. Off to see what else the day holds! 😅 I hope You and Your family are having a wonderful weekend! Cheers and Uni! 🤣 😄

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      1. Hi. Interesting, thanks for sharing this! I felt the accidentally sent “Uni” will be fine in the context of the following complete comment, so I didn’t mention it. That it caused this story for you makes me happy, because I’m surprised to hear your story and think that well-intentioned communication, even if cryptographic, is better than none. Or, words can hold positive energy beyond their regular meaning:-). Hope you had a good rest of that day.

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        1. A joyous, cryptographic exchange! And once again during my morning coffee You gift a smile. That’s really nice and very true isn’t it? A friend of mine used to always say that the only thing people ever really hear is our intention. Cool food for thought. Thanks for helping my brain wake up this morning! Cheers!!! 🙂

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