21 thoughts on “take to”

            1. Good Morning, Ankit!!! WOW! Your music is so beautiful! Flowing. Closed my eyes a bit. Found it hard at first to listen and look through my art as I just wanted to listen! I listened 3 times and scrolled my blog. Here are the 4 that, for me, yelled, “pick me! pick me!” and felt like Your music’s vibe/flow. Sorry I didn’t pick. Leaving that to You and I won’t be hurt at all if You decide to use something I didn’t choose. 😄

              ‘you saw me’ from March 3, 2018
              ‘unknown light’ from Feb 17, 2018
              ‘the thaw’ from June 6, 2018
              ‘sticky edges’ from Dec. 17, 2017

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              1. wow, you just gave me a happy finishing touch to end my day, (its evening here). Thank you so so much. haha you had tough time picking hah, but at least you left me with 4 options. Thats fair enough, I have not seen your post yet but Im sure they’ll say the same to me, Pick me, pick me.
                I’ll let you know.

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