17 thoughts on “lead me too”

    1. Thank You!!! You know, I seriously don’t think any of these digital paintings/drawings take more than an hour. It’s amazing. The funny thing is that I had bought the bamboo pad for my son when he was in highschool. Its sole purpose was for him to use it online with his math tutor so they could work out problems on his computer screen in real time. I had no idea I even owned Corel for years. VERY joyous day when I discovered it!!! 🤗

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      1. Really? I thought it would take a lot of time. I guess you are used to it.
        That must feel so good, it was a lucky find 🙂
        You know I used to write back then when I was a 7th grader, just for fun, my friends really enjoyed it. I used to write funny poetry making fun of everyone. And after that I din’t write for some time. Only to realize later that I could actually write.

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