18 thoughts on “our words”

  1. How lovely your haiku is; I really like it a lot…and I am not lover of poetry.

    In our writing group I enjoy hearing everyone’s stories, adventures and mysteries but my feeling about poetry is “why can’t they just say what they mean and not make a guessing game of it?” So please set me straight and tell me how wrong my feelings are…

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    1. Oh! Thank You SOOOO Much! Wow. You just gifted me a big smile! And, I dunno. For me poetry is the same as any art form; it either touches my heart or it doesn’t and I never really have an intellectual reason why. I have to admit there are times I read poetry and feel the same way You do. But sometimes I can read someone’s poetry and have not a clue what they are saying yet their words will move me SO deeply. I never know why. You’re probably like more people than You think! It is what it is! I like haiku because I feel like I talk too much and haiku forces me to be concise. Like now! Ramble ramble ramble… 🤣 Thanks again and Cheers!!! 🙂

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  2. I really enjoyed your painting. At first I was overwhelmed by yellow. Then, my eyes settled and I noticed a gentle hill. They settled more and I noticed the green leaves. What was at first a shock of yellow, became a peaceful end of summer scene. Thanks for sharing.

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