20 thoughts on “yeeeeehaaaaaaa!”

  1. Thank you for dropping by my 1st post.

    HemasSphere published it’s 2nd post today. 2nd of the series. Read it to know more.

    Speak, don’t just talk!


    You will be able to connect to my 1st post too.

    Would be honoured by your visit and presence on my page and would be appreciate your views.

    I can be followed on
    @hemassphere -Twitter

    Happy reading.

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    1. Thank You!!! And no way!!! Us amazing people on the side of the Most Wonderful Eagles are very humble and would never ever gloat about our AMAZING win or say anything mean about the stupid Patriots!!! What???!!! 😳😆


    2. OH! And goodness! I hope You know I’m just playing with You and talking smack! Some of my own dear friends don’t have much of a sense of humor when it comes to their teams and I am very sorry if I offended!!! 🙃


      1. You didn’t offend at all. My brother may he rest in peace used to have this shirt that he seemed to only wear when I came to visit him. It said, “Hey Patriots, you have 18 wins and ONE GIANT LOSS.” It’s sports, you can’t take it seriously that’s the great part of it. You can talk smack and it’s ok. I’d be a multi millionaire for all the deflated football jokes I get whenever I mention that I’m a Patriots fan, lol!

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