free-flow art/haikus, my original illustrated books for sale, serious, true short story for sale

i wrote some books, hid them away for years and now am selling them! What?!!

r 2 15 new covers.jpg

locked away soooooooooooo long!

now on Amazon/Kindle

for sale now! YIPEEEEEEEE!

know zac om_bak.jpg

All artwork, haiku, etc. (unless otherwise noted) are by/© Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art.     All rights reserved.

34 thoughts on “i wrote some books, hid them away for years and now am selling them! What?!!”

  1. Where have I beeen??!!! Books from Katie ❤❤❤. I will surely get Mr. White. I wrote a sort of similar themed poem…I’m guessing based on the summaries and Eduardo’s review. Im intrigued. Buying in the next week or soo definitely.

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  2. Oh goodness gracious! Someone just bought a book. 🙂 If it was You, THANKS! If it wasn’t….no worries!!!! 🤣 And I wanted to tell You that I actually can loan You an e copy of water sometime, if You like. I have loaned it to another friend for the next couple of weeks; but let me know if You’re ever interested. Cheers!


    1. OH! How fun!!! Thank You, Eduardo!!! I’m so excited You’re going to read!!! I’d say ‘The Intrepid Now of Mr. White’ first. A short story…very different from the others. Pardon the cuss words but it didn’t seem right to delete them. Next I’d say ‘The Wild, Unique Journey……’ SO fun! Then, if You’re still along for the ride, I’d go with ‘Ode to Pipper Popper’…..which is admittedly very odd! People either absolutely love it or look at me like there is something very off about me. 🤣 Lastly, if You are still wanting to read me, ‘Water’. You are so kind to ask! Thanks for gifting such a smile! Cheers!!!

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            1. Hey Eduardo! I apologize if I’m putting You on the spot here, and I don’t want to email as I don’t want to seem stalkeresque….but I wanted to ask if You would possibly feel inclined to post a review for ‘….Mr. White’ on Kindle. I think it would help me a little. But seriously! If You don’t feel like it, You won’t hurt my feelings at all and I will remain a huge fan of Yours!!! Just had to put it out there….Thanks again and Cheers!!! 🙂

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