31 thoughts on “one two three”

    1. Hey! Yes! All the artwork on my blog is by me! In ‘real’ life I paint acrylic on reclaimed wood, which is what my header, the green lady with pink hair (a detail of a painting I call ‘Afro-dite’ Paints the Town’) and various other snippets are. The rest is digital painting. Lots of mixed media that I do on Corel Painter. I start with a blank page and just play, play, play!!! 🙂

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    1. Oh gosh!!! Thank You!!! 😊You know, I started this one about a year ago and just finished it this morning. Lost it for a while and forgot it existed. Building a website right now and digging through all my saved files….there it was! But usually my digital art takes me about half an hour or so. Not much thought goes into it all. I just play, play play. And it’s delightful because You can choose the type of blank canvas You start with and mix watercolor with oil with acrylic with crayon with…anything!!! No waiting. No rules. Just like a kid playing. My ‘real life’ acrylic on reclaimed wood paintings take months because they are generally very big pieces and I like to use small brushes. 🤣 So this is just fun. Check out my “what I’m painting with” page on this blog. It will show You what I’m using. You’d love playing with it. Really!!! Cheers and Thanks for all the beautiful poetry You share!!! 🙂

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      1. Oh I see, at first I thought it took a year, I was like wtf thats too long. And then I got it lol.It happens with me too. with my writings. Love thst one I just play, play and play hahah.
        I want to see your “real life” painting. And yeah can I have the link pls.

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    1. It is. I didn’t even realize I owned the program for the first few years. I bought the bamboo pad for my son to use during his math tutoring. The day I discovered the program was a happy one!!! My favorite is that You can select the size and type of canvas and just PLAY! Mix any mediums at all. It’s absolutely brilliant! It will never replace standing at my boards painting large pictures….but it’s wonderful in its own right. Cheers!!! 🙂


        1. That’s one of my favorite things about blogland. When we connect through our various arts….I like the way You say it…”our works speaks to each other”. It’s so wonderful to be heard and understood on the level that feels like our truest form of communication. It’s superelasticbubbleplastic!!! 😁🐬 ☀️


  1. It’s so wonderful to find you again and see that you are still creative and words are flowing as well. I had lost touch with you and have wondered how you’ve been, my high school friend. I hope you’re doing fantastic.

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    1. Hey Sari!!!! I’m doing very well!!! Oh! So happy to hear from You! Did You know Angela is coming to see me soon? I’m beside myself with excitement. I hope You’re doing fantastic as well!!! Sending You a HUGE hug!!! Thank You for stopping by. I don’t facebook or anything…but if You ever have a blog, let me know. 💖☀️😀😊


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