24 thoughts on “you saw me”

    1. Hey! Thank You!!! 🙂 You know, I thought the same when I revisited Your blog! For some reason my notifications turn off now and again. I have no idea if it’s something I’m doing; but I think Yours got turned off! I have to check that. It’s great seeing You again though both in my space and Yours! Cheers and Yay! 🤗

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      1. 😃😃 Actually in my case… I’m so irregular in checking up my WordPress reader. From most of the blogs that I follow, I receive their mails. So I visit them directly through the mailbox. And that’s how I missed sooo many fantastic works by you! Keep writing!☺️☺️

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    1. Ahhhhh….it really is, isn’t it? The land of no answers is where all possibilities flow and flow and flow…..Love that, Fernando!!! Meu abraço carinhoso e felicidades!!! 🙂


    1. Ah! That’s so cool! It’s really lovely and fun hearing what people see! I imagine it’s a bit like that for You poets as well…And it’s absolutely my pleasure! I will go and read that now and place my vote again. Best of Luck!!! 😃

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