cheers!!!, beautiful people of the world!!!

lovely Mathias

played tag! and gifted me this

so much light! and now…


i toss it back out

its purpose and meaning both

make my heart smile big!


if you are here now,

this token’s for you and all

the love that you gift


please pass this on if

you are in the mood; let’s send

HUGE HUGS all around!!!

 ☀️ 😊 ☀️

P.S. Truly! This is for You to gift as/if You please.  You don’t even have to link this back to me!!!! Rock on with Your Beautiful self!!!





16 thoughts on “cheers!!!, beautiful people of the world!!!”

  1. “I was looking for happiness and found meaning. When I accepted meaning, happiness became meaningless”….
    I love that quote from Mathias´s blog… Such a lovely gift…. Hugs back across the miles 🙂 ❤

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    1. I remember that quote being on Mathia’s blog! Amazing and so true and I needed to hear that today. Thank You for sharing!!! And for all the amazing writing You do over on Your blog. When I visit You I feel I’m going to a joyful University. 🤗 Hugs right back to You! Loving the image of hugs flying across the deep blue sea! Thank You and Cheers!!! 💖☀️😊

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    1. YAY!!!!!! I Love that!!! You and Your sweet Spirit and words gift SOOOOO much! And no worries about the not spreading!!! I don’t do the whole awards thing (mostly because I don’t want to answer the questions and hate having to decide which people to pick!!!) and completely understand! But I’m happy You take it into Your heart. Success!!! 🤗💖

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        1. OH! SO DO YOU!!!! And so many people I know. I seriously couldn’t pick only 8 and seeing as it is what it is, I hope they don’t mind that I posted like this! But when I was trying to pick 8, You were on my list. 😅 So seriously, feel free to take it and spread it around if You like!!!! It really is for You and all the Beautiful People roaming around spreading light/love! You don’t even have to link it to me! 🤣 Obrigado e Felicidades, Fernando!!!


            1. Oh! Cool beans!!! I was sincerely very touched as well, Fernando. And I particularly liked that the people who started it were saying to just spread it around to family, friends, anyone we know who is doing loving works. I realize it’s a networking thing…but there seems to be a lot of joy and love behind it. And I looked them up. They are doing such wonderful work, as is Mathias. His entire blog is about networking people for healthy, healing, happy interaction throughout all arenas of life. And his art, which he sadly rarely posts, is AMAZING! Happy thing all the way around! Yay! Muitas Felicidades!!! 🙂


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