31 thoughts on “‘almost home’”

  1. The colors are beautiful: you did an awesome job putting them together. I couldn’t stop looking at the length of the piece too: it conveys the feeling of a long journey. The rabbit’s pose and the expression on his face give it a sense of urgency. Very creative, forresting365.

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    1. Thank You!!! And Your work is so wonderful, it’s truly my pleasure. Thank You for Your constant kindness towards mine as well! ❤️

      I have a lot of fun with this sweet bunny on our wall. I wired him so You can hang him any direction vertically or horizontally…floating helplessly on his stomach through space reaching for the sun or springing with all his might, powerfully rightsize up to just touch it…or just ping ponging back and forth from sun to moon….trying to stop….

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    1. Hey Ana!!! Thank You!!!! I love this little guy. 😊 He’s so very funny. I painted his big floppy ears on one side of the board and one of his big feet on the other. He’s a character for a book I was writing. I never finished it, can’t really remember what the plot was and think I tossed it…but he still hangs on our wall. SO fun to see You around! I just received my first order of stickers and am sooooo excited! They are tiny and look cool. Was just checking out the company and am happy…so I am getting bigger ones later….but I would be SO honored if You emailed me and let me know how I can get some to You!!! Sending Huge hugs Your way!!! 🙂 ☀️💖

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