20 thoughts on “if you say…”

    1. That’s ROCKIN’, Eduardo! “And Your life’s immune system needs practice too.” It does, doesn’t it? We do. I’m challenged by something at the moment; hence, this post. Your comment is helpful and made me smile. THank You!!! Cheers! 🙂

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      1. When life gives you lemons, be like “I’m keeping the lemons, but I’m not going to pay for them.” And then as Life looks on, run them through your garbage disposal so your kitchen smells nice.

        But seriously, I wish you the best and that you meet/beat your challenge.

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  1. Oh, such a lovely path painted with light-purple which is my favourite colour. This was what I thought when I saw the painting. Then I noticed the cute creature, and the bright moon, and the another path in yellow, thinner, winding. Surprise followed by surprise. Do the two paths symbolise the ups and downs in life I wonder. Foremost creativity Katy 💖

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    1. WOW! Ah, Isabelle! Thank You for Your thoughts! This is so wonderful as I was a bit heart heavy and challenged when I drew this and was trying to work my way through those feelings towards a letting go and openhearted acceptance. Your feedback, along with everyone elses, is helping me to reshift my focus. I hadn’t noticed there were 2 paths and I drew the darn thing. That actually has a wonderful meaning for me. I’d also seen the path as only upward/a struggle sweetly guided by the moon. It never occured to me that it goes up AND down, which, as You say, is exactly what life does. Gosh. After reading everyone’s comments my mind is exploding in a happy way. New perspectives being born. Thank You so much!!! 🤗

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      1. I’m very glad that my comment together with others’ did something positive, especially something positive for you Katy. You have a kind, generous and warm heart. I know it from your paintings and by reading your words. I hope you’re well and things have sorted out, in one or another way. Painting is such a good way to have a time-out. It must be pure therapy. I also have my dark moments, I read and go out for a run. It’s my retreat, and it helps. Sending you my very best wishers from the far north. Thinking of you and take care.
        Hugs 🌸💖

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        1. Thank You so very much Isabelle!!! I am fine and You all really did help me process and move on. I feel so very fortunate to have connected with all of You!!! And painting IS so therapeutic for me. Dunks in the ocean are always highly effective as well!!!🤗🤣 Hugs to You too!!! 💐🐬☀️

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  2. Your imagination is fabulous Katy, both in creating art and finding words in short sentences that tell us so much. You capture the interests of your viewers and it is difficult not to feel joy and desire for own imaginations. This is no exception, this is you. What I see are a winding path, where an elephant walk, while the sun is shining and the colors explodes.
    I really wish, and I´m quite sure, that you will get success with your planned company.

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    1. Goodness gracious!!! Thank You more than I can say, Anita!!! Your kindness, well wishes, and generosity are joyfully overwhelming. Setting Blissbait Art sailing is such a fun adventure…I am sitting here lost for words…I can’t stop smiling!!! ❤️☀️😊 And I LOVE Your take on this picture!…Seeing the sun on the path! Because of All of You sharing Your thoughts on this one, the gift of realizing how very different perspectives can be was brought home to my heart these past few days. I needed to remember that. Thank You for sharing Yours and for Your sweet, wonderful, colorful friendship!!! Hugs and Cheers from my island to Yours!!! 💖💐🐬


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