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Happy Easter, Blue Moon, April Fool’s Day and what?!!! My website is finished!!!

digital airbrush and photo of my website! 🙂

website for blog.jpg

Easter, Blue Moon, Fools…

fortuitous birthing time

hippy ti yi yaaayyyyy!!!

sunday morn true bliss ticket.jpg


All artwork, haiku, etc. (unless otherwise noted) are by/© Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art.  All rights reserved.

blue divider line for under om.jpg

final tip jar for ko-fi.jpg

39 thoughts on “Happy Easter, Blue Moon, April Fool’s Day and what?!!! My website is finished!!!”

    1. Thank You, Fernando!!! You just gave me a wonderful image of all the art in the world spreading like a wonderful blanket….absorbing all that needs healing. It would make a brilliant animation. That would be a glorious reality…..💖💖😄


    1. OH!!! Thank You, Isabelle!!! And I am smiling SOOOO big because one of my closest friends for 40 years now…out of everything….wanted that exact same picture!!! That makes me smile so big!!! I work all day tomorrow, but Tuesday, If You like, I can go ahead and send it to You. I realize I’m not set up for international shipping, but I just sent a parcel to a friend in Ethiopia, so I have an idea of how much it will be. I think around $10 to ship. May be less where You are. You can email me Your address at I will ship it and will add an international shipping button with Your name on it on my website! You can buy it there. Does that work for You? And I seriously can’t stop smiling!!! My friend who owns the same pic is the friend I’ll be hiking the Appalachian Trail with!!! Sending huge hugs and many Thanks!!! Cheers!💖😊☀️

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      1. What a coincidence that your close friend and I have a passion for the same painting Katy!! I love the image because it has such a harmonious colour combination. As already mentioned in another comment, I love light-purple and it’s been my favourite colour since I was a little girl. I love the image on the picture, the full bright moon. It could also be the sun of course but I’d like it to be the moon. And I love the waves pushing back and forth. As a whole, the painting gives me good feelings, harmony, peace and love. I’ll drop you an email soon and will check out the international shipping button with my name on it on your webpage. Thank you Katy and stay in touch! 💖🌸🌟

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  1. Congratulations on the new website and Happy Easter belatedly . Yesterday was April Fools Day but mother nature didn’t get that memo. She thought it was today and left so much snow that the Yankees baseball home opener had to be postponed ! Looking forward to seeing the new website and all the beautiful sunny colors.

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    1. Hey Sportsdiva!!! Yikesorama! Amazing it’s till snowing! We are a bit spoiled here, weather wise (with the exclusion of a little thing called hurricane season! 🤣)! I hope they get to play soon. Thank You and Cheers!!! 🙂


  2. Hey Katy. Just visited your website. It looked like a really nice place. Congrats and good luck with your website.
    And I made something. I took your work as my inspiration. Painted my own. It was fun. I would really appreciate your visit. 🙂

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    1. OH MY GOSH!!! I AM STILL NOT GETTING NOTIFIED WHEN YOU POST!!! I’m going to recheck that right now. I LOVE Your blog and seriously thought I’d fixed that! Going to look right now and then I will joyfully visit!!! So sorry! 🙂 And Thank You for visiting my website! I can’t wait to see Your art!!!

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      1. I see. It isnt a big deal. You can visit me at anytime you like. You are really so kind. I like the way you reply to your comments.
        I see you have that flag thing on your website as well. It is such a beautiful site.

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