free-flow art/haikus


2′ x 4 ‘ acrylic on reclaimed wood (this is a small detail!)


nothing more to say

beneath sprout happy flowers

above, endless love


blue divider line for under om.jpg

All artwork, haiku, etc. (unless otherwise noted) are by/© Katy Boyer and Blissbait Art.  All rights reserved.

final tip jar for ko-fi.jpg


16 thoughts on “OM”

    1. No worries! Your opinion is always welcome! That painting hangs on the wall right by my computer. Looking at it right now and You’ll laugh because the rays of OM extend very long, like the sun, and are shining down on a very green field of yellow and white flowers. 😄 I’m not surprised You’ve seen a similar painting like the part I posted! Of all the trillions of pictures that have been rendered of OM, there have got to be brothers and sisters among them!!! 🤗 Just painted what was in my heart. 😊 They were smart to make a t-shirt. Working on a t-shirt myself right now which I will get printed and sold. Something different though. Lord. I’m talking a lot! 🤣 Cheers!!!!

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      1. Good luck with your tshirt. Your paintings for design, I think they stand for themselves. I mean it,. And I like reading your replies. It always brings a smile on my face. With a simile on my face yet again I am serious lols. “here have got to be brothers and sisters” hahaha I like that.
        I am wishing you a bright and sunny day. Have a good one Katy.

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