34 thoughts on “punchline”

  1. A stunning artistic image Katy and your words are like magic!!
    Congrats to the opening of your other website & shop!!! 🌸 🌹 😃 🌸. I bought some of your books a few weeks ago but they haven´t arrived yet. Hopefully I can buy some of your arts as well. You ARE a great artist!!!

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    1. OH! Anita! You are so sweet!!! Gosh. Thank You so much!!! Where to begin?! I had a lot of fun painting this…was watching a very bizarre fairy tale and it might have inspired! 😄 And I had no idea You bought books!!! Oh gosh. That is unbelievably sweet of You! You’ll laugh because a friend pointed out a couple of errors. You’ll see them. I have fixed one of them. But…that’s so exciting. Thank You!!! I hope You enjoy them. 🤗 And Thanks for checking out my website! Yay! I finally finished that and am on to my next projects. Having such a fun time getting everything together. When I get up and running for real, I would love to send You something! A gift. And lastly….that last sentence gifts a huge smile in my heart. You and Your husband are great artists and that You feel the same about me blows my mind and I can’t stop smiling!!! Cheers and Huge Hugs all around!!! 😊🤗😄💖☀️🌸🐬

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    2. And a P.S.!!! I went onto my author’s account on Amazon/Kindle, and Your order doesn’t show up anywhere as having been placed. I’m not sure what happened, but if You’d like me to, I’d be more than happy to contact them and find out. If You could please send me the order/confirmation number at blissbait@gmail.com, I’ll give them a call tomorrow and see what the scoop is! 🙂 Sorry about that! 💖☀️🐬

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    1. Thank You, Ankit!!! I was watching a Fairy tale at the time and a young girl was trying to escape an ogre. That likely had something to do with it! Painting her a silver lining and a patch of Love to run to!!! 🤣😊 Cheers!

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  2. Pretty cool, forresting365! Your image looks to me like a full moon appearing through clouds.

    I never thought I’d write this, but I’m glad to see you’re marketing! I’ll pick up another of your books to read while I camp this weekend.

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    1. Thank You, Eduardo!!! And Thank You SOOOO much for reading another book! That makes me so happy!!! I hope You like it and I hope You have a WONDERFUL time camping this weekend! 🌞🌲🌿🦌😀

      Yes….You know, I took a cue from the most wonderful Peter of LittleFears and have followed some of his marketing suggestions. This is pretty much the most I’ll do, I think…on my blog. But it feels alright to me and it made me smile that You were glad to see it! Still a little shy about it, so thanks for the feedback! Cheers!!! 🤗

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  3. I love the haiku! I probably took it in a completely different direction than what you were going for but this was my thought:

    “when keys don’t matter” (When you don’t have the answer) “and our tiny boxes melt” (and we let down our ego) “words fade to laughter” (we can only laugh at ourselves in our own frustration).

    I think if we kept our “tiny boxes”, the ones that house our ego thinking that we have the “key” to every answer, it will only lead us to being frustrated. However, if we realize that the “keys don’t matter” and we “melt our tiny boxes”, we realize that we are human and still learning about the world, leaving us to laugh at ourselves…

    Just my thought on your piece! Great work!

    your friends at GKexplorers,

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    1. Wow! Thank You for Your kindness and Your thoughts!!! SO COOL!!! 🤗

      You completely nailed how I was feeling when I wrote the first two lines! For me, when I wrote the 3rd it was a surrender…..like our words are too tiny and insufficient anyway and Love/Life probably only speaks the language of the sweetest laughter. But just as often I could have written it and had the meaning You spoke behind it. Thank God we can laugh at ourselves….right?!!! 😅 Cheers and Rock on!!! 💖😊🐬

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