free-flow art/haikus

detail of ‘afro-dite’

detail of my 4′ x 3′ acrylic painting on reclaimed wood

cropped, reduced afro-dite

we hear each other

your eyes speak every language

my heart translates well


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28 thoughts on “detail of ‘afro-dite’”

    1. Hey, Ankit! Yep!!! I just wrote a long explanation to another sweet friend in my comment section. She was my first painting of the Goddess, Aphrodite. My header is the snippet of my second go. The whole journey is under Isabelle’s comment, if You’re interested. Cheers! 🙂

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    1. Oh! I love those words Isabelle! “She seems to have drowned in her thoughts.” Lovely! You know, she IS the same being as my cover painting snippet; my interpretation of the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. I painted this one first. I was in a very pensive mood when she happened….Your thoughts are dead on. 🙂 The entire picture is on my website, but she’s leaning over looking out from behind a fence and a bunch of flowers, etc. A friend of mine thought the painting was strange. She didn’t really like it and said it was peculiar because You couldn’t see the woman’s body. I found that funny, but it sparked me and I set out to paint her entire body; naked! I have a streak of smartasss in me. 🤣 That’s a tiny snippet of the 2nd pic at the top of my blog….which is also shown in full on my website. I called her ‘afrodite paints the town because she’s running from nature towards a city, laughing. Very happy my friend’s criticism inspired that joyful journey!!! Three people wanted to buy her!!! My boyfriend won out. Yay!!! So she greets us at the bottom of our stairs every time we go down! Yay! 🤗 Thank You Isabelle and Cheers!!! ☀️💖🌷

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      1. Great to know the story behind the painting – Aphrodite, Katy! Turning criticism to inspiration is excellent. This is a wonderful painting, not surprised that it was appreciated. Cheers 😊🌟🌸

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