free-flow art/haikus

not forgotten

digital airbrush, acrylic and oil


when my life emptied

in the very darkest space

you’d gift golden smiles


from my room.jpg

the whole schlemagle

he may have been an angel

messenger of love


Thank You for being here! Cheers!!!

my artwork in many forms is available on my website at

blue divider line for under om.jpg

All artwork, haiku, etc. (unless otherwise noted) are by/© Katy Boyer and Blissbait Art.  All rights reserved.

18 thoughts on “not forgotten”

  1. Wow, Katy, I know that presence. It’s like you’ll aways be protected, whatever happens.Yes, I don’t see him with my mind’s eye either. But he lets you know he is there. Two steps ahead, behind, beside, around, about, ready to hold you when you fall.

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    1. 🤣 You just gifted my first laugh of the day, Ankit! Thank You!!! Ah. I ended up posting the whole pic as I got some pretty cool/interesting comments. It’s actually a man. An angel, I think. I painted him many years ago. And….he probably does have 2 eyes but I painted stars where they would be to show he’s not from here. I hope You have a great day! Cheers!!! 😄☀️💖

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    1. Hey Isabelle! It’s actually a he. I just posted the entire picture as there were some interesting comments that intrigued me. I painted him about 8 years ago I think. It’s what I believe was an angel who was hanging around me for a while. In front of me, to my right, facing me and flooding me with love during a very difficult time. I never SAW him with my eyes…nor my mind’s eye. He never spoke and I never dreamt about him. Just an overwhelming presence of Love. So I painted him. I’ve been working on my website and new products and none of the paintings I’m working on are finished….so I scrolled through my archives and decided to share him. Wild, huh? 💖😊🌸

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      1. When I saw the entire picture I could see it’s a he Katy. And in addition, I saw the elements that can be associated with a beautiful Engel. The crescent moon, the shining starts. The particular choice of the colour white. His eyes make deep impression, very eye-catching. There’s something deep in the eyes, an message that can only be felt. Soulful. The history behind the painting makes sense, now I know what is behind the that faint smile, the possible content of the message. I’m touched by the story behind it, I know how it feels Katy. I understand it. I know how an angel like him could do to make a difference. How powerful it might feel. I’m touched by your words – In front of me, to my right, facing me and flooding me with love during a very difficult time. I know how it felt. I do. Thank you Katy for showing me the beauty in the painting. The real beauty. Take care. ❤️✨🌸

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        1. Awwww. Thank You, Isabelle! I typed that in a rush before work yesterday and then at some point during the day thought, “OH MY GOD! Isabelle, Hanna and anyone who visits my blog are going to think I’m absolutely CRAZY! What did I do? Why did I talk about that?” 🤣 Of COURSE You understood! I knew You were a kindred Spirit! Thank You for Your answer and Sweetness! Sending Huge Hugs Your way! 🤗💖☀️ AND…Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

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    1. Thank You so much, Hanna!!! That’s so sweet. And interesting as I painted this many years ago when I was having a very challenging time. I felt a very loving presence physically by me quite often. Like he was standing on my right, just in front of me and to the side, facing me and just flooding me with love and compassion. I never dreamt about him and he never spoke. Just a very strong feeling. I thought he was an angel and decided paint him. I just posted the full picture this morning. At some point I’d cropped him down and used that shot for a Fall Equinox card I was sending out. Blessings to You as well!!!


  2. I really love this and You will never stop impressing me. Your art and Your thoughts reflect your characteristic personality. There’s only one person on earth that can create in the way You create. And I’m happy to get to know you. Skål and have a wonderful weekend 🌹🌸💗😍

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