free-flow art/haikus

so they say…

2’8½” x 2’7½” acrylic on reclaimed wood

reduced so they say for web.jpg

my right of passage

flamenco’d her steps swiftly

crooning crone blossom!


Thank You for being here! Cheers!!!

i just posted a bunch of new stuff in my shops! very excited!!!

blue divider line for under om.jpg

All artwork, haiku, etc. (unless otherwise noted) are by/© Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art.  All rights reserved.

36 thoughts on “so they say…”

  1. Wow Katy this is one of my favorite. The little details on every bar blends perfectly. I like the girl, her hair the most. I fell in love with this one instantly. The blue thing around her body I wonder what that is, to me it looks like a blanket or some dress on second thought it appeared to me as someone holding her, like how we hold candles, she is emitting some light. You know this made me forget abt everything for a while. I was so into it. And not to mention that combination of colors and its uniqueness so that I can always tell this art belongs to Katy. 🙂

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    1. Oh gosh! Thank You, Ankit!!! I love all Your thoughts!!! The blue was the sky and ocean. But….wow! Such an incredible take…Your words, “…someone holding her, like how we hold candles…” I don’t have the words for how much I love that. You sent me to a cool place thinking perhaps we are ALL being held, like candles…to shine our light. That’s absolutely rockin’! And that it made You forget about everything….what a huge gift You just gave me. Thank You, again. I can’t stop smiling. 🤗💖☀️🐬😊

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      1. And your reply was a gift for me. Im so glad you took it that way. Yes there are those invisible hands and strings that hold us. And now I have a small proposal. I want to use one of your painting for my next music. Would that be okay? what do you think of it?

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    1. Thank You!!! Yeah….it doesn’t really read so well in photos…the dimensions…I painted it black as I just think it looks cool…prison bars of one’s own making?….space?……the place inside each molecule?….🤔🤣💖


  2. Beautiful painting, Katy. I really liked her hair! Your readers’ comments and your replies were great for reading and adding enjoyment of your art. One objection – crone? People are beautiful when they are older!

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    1. Thank You, Eduardo!!! And, I know! I agree. 🤣 “Crone” isn’t my word. It’s in the mythological texts over and over. Gosh, even that gorgeous song, ‘Hymn to Her’, which The Pretenders did a brilliant cover of, speaks of “The maiden, the mother, the crone who’s grown old…”. I’ve also heard it stated as wise-woman. Now that THAT term doesn’t bother me. But I’ve always had an aversion and negative reaction to the word crone, which I think is funny. Speaking only for myself….my knee-jerk hard time with that word shone a light on my fear of growing old and being perceived that way….something like that. That’s part of why it’s called ‘so they say’. In real life and at her true size You can see that her first panel is a bunch of silver, broken up spider webs. From whence she came. The second is the absolutely bloom-loaded bounty of her youth. Wildflowers like crazy. Now covered with a mist of memory and a little hard to make out. The third panel is fire. All that burnt away. Gone. Outwardly. The forth panel is the gold of her now. Her right NOW. The fifth is coals. That turn to the sixth….a breeding space for the new…the purple in the white mist represents the wisdom of something earned….age…..the things we unwittingly take along that are of a higher nature. The seventh is once again blooming much…but this time the flowers are white….purer and all connected to the same vine….more concise….In the eighth panel it’s raining softly and a golden spider is just beginning to weave her story anew. She glows white because we always remain the same….we are pure and glowing…I truly believe we are, underneath it all….literally….pure light. The wind in her hair is the swift movement of time. And I really tried to give her a pleasantly surprised gasping look….although different times I look at her, depending on my own mood, her expression reads differently. MY GOD!!! I don’t know why I talk about this one so much. Guess because I’m still stepping into this phase of wild-woman-wise-woman-crone….I’m still right at the edge of the room so to speak….and watching our Youth obsessed society….watching all the beautiful women (and men!!!) I know who are in the same space and who all have their own ways of handling this transition….It’s just so intriguing! If You haven’t fallen asleep or run screaming by now….🤣🤣🤣….Thank You for Your thoughts and for reading my response, Eduardo! You are always such a pleasure!!!! And my apologies if You’e posted and I am late. I got SOOO behind and then somehow, on my blog, all my notifications of posts from people I follow got blocked for a couple of days. So….I am playing a game of catchup that simply won’t be won! But I love Your writing and art and I’ll be around!!! Cheers!!! 🤗💖😊

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      1. I don’t think you went on and on. I enjoyed your walking me (and other readers) through it. I’ve been listening to some art historians, and they talk for a very long time about a work of art – and they’re just making educated guesses! It’s great to hear from the artist herself!

        I’m very happy that you like my work. With regard to blogging; I see this as one big gallery where we’re all walking around, looking at art, and having conversations. Keeping it light and fun… Stop by when you’re on this side of the gallery, but please never feel like you need to.

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        1. Whew! Thanks Eduardo! And I love that You see it as a gallery. It IS, isn’t it?!! You just upscaled my version. 😄 I was telling my sweet man we feel like a room of very excited kids running up in droves to hang our art/writing/expression on the fridge. A frenzy of sharing that’s pretty wonderful! But I love the gallery….calm…classy….perfect. 🙂

          AND….You are never an obligation! Always a joy! You all are! Thanks for the reminder about fun. I have visited a couple of blogs this week where people are behind, feeling badly about it and are considering quitting for that reason. I’ve tried to assure them that I don’t think anyone is upset with them. That life is busy and it happens to everyone and in a kind way no one cares. If I run across it again, I’ll share Your phrase. Cheers!!! 🤗🌿☀️


  3. I read your comment Katy and now I know the meaning behind the painting. So insightful and meaningful. I was caught by it’s beautiful mixture of colours as well as figures. I saw the details, the golden key and spider but I couldn’t relate them to each other. I understand it know, such beautiful thoughts. Hugs. Take care Katy 😊🌸🌟💖

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    1. OH MY GOD!!! Vera!!! I’ll take it! ❤️ Oh, Thank You! 🤣 I love that You saw everything. I painted this during menopause…each panel representing a phase/passage of my life. The golden spider is weaving my future and the key is a reminder that it’s all right here in my heart…was coming to terms with the mythological phases for women: the maiden, the mother, the crone. Trying to understand the beauty and true meaning of the room I’m entering. But…YAY! Along comes Vera and redubs it! You just gifted my first smile and laugh of the day. Thank You, Beautiful! Sending Hugs! 🤗💖☀️❤️🐬

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      1. Wow, Katy, you’ve just added a new dimension to my interpretation of the work. It is such a privilege to know an artist on a personal basis. One’s appreciation of the art assumes a previously unattainable level. You are truly gifted, Sweet Girl. Sending hugs back. ❤

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        1. Isn’t that the truth?!! Each artist of all mediums seems to be speaking their own personal/soul language. You put it so perfectly! It really IS fun and a privilege to know one another and have that extra window! Gosh….and Thank You!!! Your gifts astound me, seriously. So…You calling me gifted….Yay!!! Have a Great day! 🤗❤️☀️


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