free-flow art/haikus

just so you know…

1′ x 1′ x 1.25″ (30.48cmx30.48cmx3cm) acrylic on repurposed canvas

r just so you know...jpg

i’ve not forgotten

your knowing, supportive smile

as i sank ‘neath waves


Thank You for being here! Cheers!!!

my art in various forms is available on my website

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All artwork, haiku, etc. (unless otherwise noted) are by/© Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art.  All rights reserved.

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29 thoughts on “just so you know…”

    1. Thank You!!! 🙂 I tend to pile on the paint and have learned to put a coating on my paintings as one of the first things people do when looking in person is to touch them. 🤣 It’s really sweet. We are all kids at heart, I think! Cheers!!! 🙂

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  1. This painting is glorious Katy. I know someone already said it but I too want it hanging on the wall in my living room, or bedroom. There is some special spirit in it, hope, love… Your creativity and shills is exposed, it’s endless. Hugs and hugs Katy 😊🌸💖🌟

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    1. Hey Vera! Thank You!!! I’m so happy You like it! 🤗 It was very fun to paint and every time I visited it, it took different turns of mood. Very living piece.

      And the words. Years ago I was going through an exceedingly challenging time. I was really scared. Right in the middle of it all I dreamt that it was a very beautiful summer day. Perfect blue skies and a fantastic breeze. In the dream I was at a small dock. A woman (no wings but to me she was an Angel) was standing on the edge of the dock. Her hair was so beautifully blowing in the breeze as was her long, white dress. I was in a very, small white boat in the water at her feet. It was sinking and filling up fast. I asked her to help me. Yelled at her to help me. She, smiling very sweetly, bent over and pushed my boat away from the dock. I got swept up in the strong current and was flowing into deepness fast. I started sobbing and said, “I’m drowning!” She laughed in the kindest, most loving and gentle way and said, “I know. You’ll be fine.” I woke up feeling very peaceful. I haven’t thought of her or that dream in years. But when it came time to name this painting, write a haiku and post it….BAM! There she was and it felt like this was for her. Cool, huh?!! She truly was very helpful. And….although it took a few years….she was right!!! Sending Huge hugs Your way!!! 😊❤️🌸☀️💖🌼

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      1. This was so beautiful, Katy. She must have been an angel. I so understand how you must have felt. And often we need such divine presence to reassure us that we’ll be fine. Both the haiku and your art have taken a whole new emotional dimension for me now. Thank you, dear Katy, I really appreciate your openness and sharing. Sending HUge(r) hugs back. And lots and lots of love. ❤

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        1. My pleasure, Vera! Thank YOU for YOUR openness! It’s really fun to be able to share. Funny, I truly don’t think I talk about my art very much in person when people look at it. It’s just fun watching them either respond to it or not. And it’s really fun when they DO respond and start talking about their interpretations. Love just listening. But for some reason, in bloglnad, I just yak my head off here and there! 🤣 It’s a wonderful, golden gift to be received so sweetly!!! Sending You HUGE-r-er hugs back! 🤗🤣😄 And lots of love too! 💖☀️❤️☀️!

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  2. This is lovely Katy!!! 🌸💗 And now I also understand the size of your creations.😁
    Just saw your emails and comments!!! OMG, You worked really hard!!!!!! Will reply shortly!! Huge hugs & Thank You for being the one You are!!!! = AMAZING 💖😃🌼☀️

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    1. Thank You, Anita!!! 😊 It was fun and needed to be done anyway…never would have thought of it without You! I saw Your email and am going to run and fix the other thing right after my blogging. My sweet man was laughing that I didn’t do it in the first place! Sending You huge hugs as well, and Thank YOU for being who You are!!! Yay!!! 💖☀️❤️🤗😊!

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