free-flow art/haikus

it arrived!!!

digital goofing around with images and airbrush

chewing glass, littlefears and me

little fears invites:

chewing on glass and i say, “SURE!”

and now…….IT ARRIVES!!!


what in the world?!!! huh?

i dunno! their gifts? unknown…



little fears chewing glass

i seriously don’t know what’s arrived! let’s check it out:

peter = Little Fears

layne = Chewing On Glass

my om

Thank You for being here!

my artwork is available on my website blissbait

line break blog

The LITTLE FEARS creature is by/© Peter over at Little Fears.  The penguin is by/© Layne over at Chewing on Glass.  All other artwork, haiku and overall silliness here (unless otherwise noted) are by/© me, Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art.


i turn down extra shifts at my day job but always say, “Yes please!!!” and “Thank You!!!” to a cuppa! Cheers!!!

    my coffee mug

28 thoughts on “it arrived!!!”

  1. A great surprise Katy, I didn’t expect a present from a sweet penguin. Yeah it’s revealed, but only partly. I want to know what’s inside the box, and then I close my eyes, dreaming…🌸💖💫

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is just so so GOOD. I love the spaceship and its name. But I also love the joyful posture of the gorgeous blonde, the flowers in the foreground, the sky in the back, the planet. But above all the wonderful message of sending and receiving a gift. You are a walking talent, Katy.

    Liked by 1 person

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