free-flow art/haikus

first kiss

i finished it! 24¼ x 32¼” (62cm x 82cm) watercolor and acrylic on newspaper paper and cardboard….and yes….it’s mounted a little crooked! 🤣

r first kiss.jpg

all teeth and giggles

a smile that just would not stop

awkward, lovely bliss

my om

Thank You for being here! Cheers!!!

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All artwork, haiku, etc. (unless otherwise noted) are by/© Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art.  All rights reserved.

my coffee mug


32 thoughts on “first kiss”

    1. Thank You, Ankit!!! And You know, I have no idea how much time it took. It’s really easy for me to say how long digital paintings took…but when I paint in real life it stretches over weeks and sometimes months and years with many sessions. I’ll usually have 2 or a few more paintings that I’m working on each time I paint….rotating as to let something dry before I go back at it again. This was a few weeks with a few sessions. And I use tiny brushes mostly. Gosh. Hours. I’m only a couple of sips into my coffee and sleepy….but I’d guess 20 hours or more…..and it’s probably more, I think….all told. I still need to coat it a couple of times as well. Wow! That was a ridiculously long answer! 😄 I hope You’re having a lovely day. 😊💖☀️

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      1. You know we are quite similar on that. When I make music it takes me time, even after I record it, I will always have this feeling like I could have done this better or added some melody here, and I always have that one piece to work with, whenever I get the chance I grab my guitar and start playing with it. Right now, I’ve got 2, Also Im trying to write lyrics and sing for one of my song. So there’s that, come to think of it, I think its a wonderful thing to always have that one thing to work with. Oh god, I’ve gone too far with this, hehehe. Cheers, Have a wonderful sunny day Katy. 🙂

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        1. OH! Ankit, You didn’t go too far at all!!! I was thoroughly enjoying what You were saying and finding it really cool that Your process is similar!!! Seriously!!! You’re perfect! Thank You for sharing and I wish You a wonderful sunny day as well!!! 🙂


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