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The joy of living (Happiness and Sadness)

One of my paintings got married!!! My lovely friend, Ankit, wed it to a piece of his absolutely beautiful music. How cool is that?!!! Ankit shape shifts constantly through his wonderful poetry, art and music. I’m overjoyed and honored to have been swept up! I hope You’ll take a listen. So very peaceful…his music climbs, swirls and dances through my painting. Thank You, Ankit! And Thank YOU Lovely People for being here! Cheers All!!!

Despite my deepest thoughts

Life is all about happiness, sadness and there is that neutral feeling. Here, I’ve tried to capture those 3 elements in one song/track. First, its the neutral phase, after that there is kinda sad solo which is followed by happy cheerful ending, making it the The joy of living.

This beautiful art work belongs to Katy. Thank you for letting me use it.

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19 thoughts on “The joy of living (Happiness and Sadness)”

  1. Excellent collaborative work Katy! The painting is so beautiful!! The colour, the patterns, it all contributes to convey a powerful message – happiness and sadness, isn’t it. I see the waves, the pearls floating on the water so harmoniously. Listened to the musical piece, beautifully done. 🌸😊🌷🌟💜


    1. Thank You, Isabelle!!! All credit goes to Ankit. It’s funny; he sent me the music and asked me to choose a piece of mine to go with it. I sent him 4 others but this one never occurred to me. He loved my suggestions, but kept looking. When I saw what he had chosen to put with his beautiful music….I was blown away. Perfect. Fun!!! Sending huge hugs! 🤗💖☀️!

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      1. You’re right Katy! Have been to Ankit’s site, a great one! Followed. I must say he has good taste, the painting he chose is beyond beautiful. There’s something more in it, something deeper. The composition of the painting gives a very peaceful and artistic impression. Wow! 😊🌷🌸🌟💜

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  2. You are welcome and thank you too, lovely intro there I could feel your positive energy. It was an honor, thank you for showing your love through this reblog, this is more than I could ask for. Dear Katy your painting is out of the world. One of my friend has told me to send her regards, she really likes your painting.

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