free-flow art/haikus

the matter

digital acrylic, watercolor, airbrush, conte and effects


huge (w)hole(?) in the heart

precious gift? bizarre curse? what…

window? prison? love?

my om

Breaking form for a cool P.S.!!!

 Lovely Isabelle wrote a wonderful post that touched on the too often  tragic end of writers which called a TED talk I had seen years ago to mind. She asked me to send her a link. So I started searching. The talk I saw no longer exists!!! Or I’ve edited it into a form in my mind that never did….however this is the same brilliant woman, Elizabeth Gilbert, in a very similar (just broader strokes) talk. Watching it was a wonderful gift. She’s got great, helpful things to say about being a creative type in our current culture. I found it overwhelmingly nourishing on every level. If You’ve got a second and want an incredible HUG and some FANTABULOUS coping skills, check it out! I think TED has a block on their vids being put on websites because I can’t upload this, but it’s worth a journey!

Super cool fantastical amazing TED talk that will make You SMILE!!!


All artwork, haiku, etc. (unless otherwise noted) are by/© Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art.  All rights reserved.

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3 waves for blog

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24 thoughts on “the matter”

    1. Welcome home Aimer! 😄! Doughnut?!! LOVING that. And I remember that episode. It was soooo cool. Time portal and gateway to the past indeed. Seriously interesting and stirring up some fun thoughts. Thank You and cheers!!! 😊💖☀️

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    1. Thank You, Vera! That is a HUGE compliment coming from You!!! I don’t think I’ve ever pondered this outloud…what an amazing gift to fall into a synchronicitous flow with You who understands, feels the same thing and wonders about it as well. I almost fell over when I read Your poem!!! And it’s absolutely my pleasure to share Your post! Look forward to hearing Your thoughts on the talk. SOOO happy Isabelle brought that back onto my radar. Watched it again yesterday morning. Good to go. 😊 Sending huge hugs Your way!!! Cheers! 🤗💖☀️🦋❤️

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  1. Thank you for connecting your lovely post, beautiful paiting and wonderful clip to my post, Katy! You mentioned several options, window, prison and love. I prefer love. It’s a conscious choice. Loved your work Katy 😊🌸❤️🌟

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  2. I loved it. Thank you for sharing it. She must have been writing, ‘Big Magic’ at the time. I read it when it came out. Her book helped me move forward with my own book, to see it through. I’m always so encouraged by your art and words. Keep going Katy. Blessings, Hanna

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  3. I did not see that hole in the heart, I actually saw an aerial view of a valley and river.
    And in your poetry are you trying to say that Love is bizarre curse, precious gift, prison,

    And I know of Isabelle’s post. I hope she’ll be okay soon. I got to know her through that post and your blog.

    And and, I’ll check that TED talk during my bed time. 🙂

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    1. That’s beautiful, Ankit! And cool because I wanted it to look like a window or a hole or a tire swing….those were swirling in my mind. No….I think love is just…LOVE! ❤️ Speaking of that profound feeling in my heart. Been there my whole life. Like intense vulnerability. Ebbs and Flows but I find it curious. Always there. Many times I’ve seen it as a problem….there is an uncomfortableness around it…but as I grow older I am starting to see it as a gift….an openhearted window. That’s why I say (w)hole(?). Because perhaps it’s not a hole in the heart, but a wholeness of the heart. An outloud presence. A front row, centerstage openheartedness that needn’t be fearful. Just thinking aloud in my usual messy, abstract manner! Wonderful Vera, over at To Dad With Love Poetry, just posted a poem about this same thing. It made me happy to see someone else pondering it. I bet tons of people do. Maybe ALL of US do and we just give it different names. I really don’t know.

      And Yes! I was so happy to see You and Isabelle connected! So fun when worlds meet!!!

      It will be fun to hear what You think of the talk. I listened again this morning to make sure I was sending a link to a good copy. It’s SOOOO good. Lord. Huge Hugs and High Fives! Thank You for Your thoughts!!! 😊💖☀️

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      1. I just checked the poem, and Katy I had the same thoughts as yours, why dose the chest experience sensations.. that was such a nice write, so many question with no answers, question that begs question and takes you to a journey on thinking land, thank you for sharing.
        Speaking of Love. I miss it the most, I miss being loved and I miss so many things about it. When I do It will reflected on my poetry 🙂 🙂 Love is a realm of hearts, Love is an ocean. love is magic, You can feel so many things when you’re in love, love makes us so many things.
        I like how you mentioned (w)hole. It could be a nice relaxing (w)hole and that is why our chest experiences sensations.
        Oh Katy I have not been through the TED talk yet. I’ll be soon. High five dear Katy ,hugs. Wishing you a bright sunny day.

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        1. This is all so beautiful, Ankit!!! I’m so happy You went and read Vera’s poem! Kindred Spirits, All. Your thoughts are lovely…sitting here smiling. Thank You for gifting all this. So true. Being loved contains such sweetness. When You fall in love again it will be wonderful watching it unfold in Your words, music and art. 💖 Take Your time about the talk! I think You’ll really like it though. I’m sending You high fives, hugs and a starshiny brilliantly moonlit night!!! 😊❤️🤗🌻🌲

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