25 thoughts on “guardians”

            1. It just occurred to me that may mean something different where You are!!! Here it’s just a silly rhyme, as far as I know! “Roger” is the way people say “okay” over radios…like truckers or pilots….and doger just rhymes. I say it all the time and don’t think about it! What does it mean there? Anything? 😄

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              1. Im so glad you brought that. It’s the same thing here, cute silly rhyme like ‘okie dokie’ but it isn’t as popular as okie dokie. One such term that I really liked was ‘hill billy. I still like it when I hear people using it. Billy was always a dumb and funny character to me.

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              2. How funny! We say okie dokie a lot here! But people add things to it. Lots of people say “okie dokie artichokie!” but my favorite is one my friend says: “okie dokie little cow pokie!” Too funny! And hill billy is the same here. We see a hill billy as someone maybe not so bright…..or just UBER backwoods country. Loving that all the way across the world in a much different place we say the same things. Cheers!!! 🤗💖☀️

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  1. You created a magical atmosphere Katy! The shinning moon and star, the blue sky with a beautiful turquoise touch. I can’t see the angel but I can feel her presence, I can see all what she’s left behind.,😊🌟🌸💜

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