24 thoughts on “falling at last”

  1. I saw a par of reddish high heels walking through the waves Katy. A bit weird observation I know but this is what I perceived. A female character/artist is experimenting something new in an elegant way. Talk soon Katy! Hugs and hugs 😊🌷🍂🍁💜

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    1. Ah! Thank You, Ankit!!! That’s beautiful! You know, I was just painting how I was feeling at the time….a dear friend of mine is reading a novel I just finished. I actually wrote it years ago; but did a rewrite the past couple of weeks and she’s giving it a go over for me. So I’ve been feeling elated, terrified, excited, like I’m going to throw up, happy, scared…it’s so funny. Man!!! But I like what You saw!!! I’ll take it! 🤗💖☀️

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      1. A novel you wrote, that is impressive, I’d love to read it. When I read it and If I don’t get something, I might get to you, hey Katy, what did you do here. I wonder what your novels are about, well that is foe me to find when I read. Im so happy for you and proud too, my friend writes novels. wow.

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        1. Thank You!!! You are sooooo kind, Ankit! I’d love You to read them someday. They fall all over the place with people. Some really like them and others don’t know quite what to think. It will be interesting to hear my friend’s thoughts when she is done. I’m hoping it’s readable!!! 🤣

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            1. Thank You, Ankit! You know, I took the book page off for some reason I can’t remember. I just put a little link on the front page to Amazon, where i sell them. You just made me realize I should put the page back up, just in case someone goes looking. Thank You!


              1. I’ll check that when im on my computer. I’ll be getting a book of yours soon. And when I do, i’ll be giving you a lot of trouble. Im glad I reminded you. Have a good day dear Katy. 🙂 🙂

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              2. Ahhhh! How fun and wonderful! I’m beyond honoured, Ankit!!! Gosh. I’ll warn You, ‘Ode to Pipper Popper’ is pretty wacky and a very short story; more like an illustrated poem. ‘The Wild Adventure of…..’ is an alphabet book that’s a bit different and out there but very fun…a long poem written in stanza. ‘The Intrepid Now of Mr. White’ is a short story which is true. Some people love it…although it’s intense….others have a very difficult time with it. There are descriptions on my website and the back covers explain them all. You are so very kind. And I am laughing looking forward to all the trouble You will give me!!! I probably deserve it! 🤣The other book my friend is reading now, the novel, is still being tweaked. That’s called ‘Joseph Stem’s Grab Bag of Water’. It’s going to be a few weeks before I publish him. Sending huge hugs and high fives!!! Are You ever going to publish Your poetry? Have You? Your poetry and art would make an amazing book. If the kindle publishing thing is available there, it’s well worth looking into. User friendly and it’s free. They take a nice cut, but my books were just sitting in a drawer….so it’s fine with me! They have great customer service too and have been very helpful to me!!! 🙂

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              3. Thanks a lot for the insight. I’ll be getting one of them next month. I used to be on kindle, my employers were generous enough to provide us with a new book every once in a while. But Im not a good reader, we had a book club and my friend even provided from his personal collection. but it did not help, come to think of it, I still have his books somewhere in my room, I should be returning it to him or maybe I’ll just read that. I know I enjoyed reading short stories(fictions). I still do, Katy you know whenever Im free I always have my guitar creating and improvising new music, Maybe that is why Im not so into books.
                But………. Im sure I’ll give my 100 percent when I’ll read yours. Im intrigued, you are such a beautiful soul. Thank you for being so nice to me. Im looking forward to read your book, cheers and hugs to you dear Katy.

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              4. Totally understandable! My man isn’t really into reading either. I have friends who are and friends who aren’t. Time’s precious and it makes sense to me that You spend Your spare time with You music right now!!! Lord! I’m reading a book right now only because we went away for a few days…but I’m like You! Although I love to read; give me some spare time and I’m painting, writing, gardening or playing outside! It’s kindof last on the list. So….I’m crazy honored that You want to read one of my books someday!!! 🤗 I hope all is well!!! Playing catch up and will be by soon to see if I missed anything while we were gone! 🙂

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              5. 🤣 We’re back!!! As per usual, we didn’t take pictures but people around us did so they will send them. We’re very lucky that way! We had a BLAST though! The mountains are sooooo beautiful. Peace, peace peace. Hiking. Sitting and staring at the trees. Silence. Laughter. Sigh. And we went zip lining….so we got to fly through the sky like birds! The longest line was 2000 feet and You go about 60 mph. Crazy fun. Bill and I have been 3 times now but our friends had never been. They loved it!!! Home now and back to work. How much do we love the mountains?!!! Getting away anywhere is so nice. Hugs and High Fives!!!

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              6. Zip lining wow, sounds fun. Looks like you had a really good time. Im happy for you guys. Hey and did you see the the sunrise or the sunset. I really love it when the sunlight during sunsire and sunset paints the mountain golden/red. That is such a lovely sight. I love nature. Mother earth is beautiful. Hugs and cheers to you dear Katy.

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              7. Oh God, YES! We love the sunrise and sunset! The light playing over the mountains changing all through the day is wonderful…magical. A true delight. There was lots of joyful staring at nature involved. Mother Earth is outrageously beautiful, indeed!!! 🤗💖🌲

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