free-flow art/haikus

floating in perspectives

finger and stylus painted airbrush and effects


one friend gets death threats

from his art and opinions

heart and soul jailed tight


another worries

she has wasted her lifetime

where has it all gone?


the feral cats play

the won’drous full moon laughs loud

a seed somewhere sighs


i try to make sense

in our world full of sorrow

riddles, beauty, love…

'om' by katy boyer/Blissbait Art

All artwork, haiku, etc. (unless otherwise noted) are by/© Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art. All rights reserved.

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3 waves for blog

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14 thoughts on “floating in perspectives”

  1. It took time for me to return to this beautiful post Katy. It left me with a sad feeling when I read it the first time, I’m still touched by your words now. Those questions you quietly raised, I asked myself. It seems to be the way life is, a world full of sorrow, riddles, beauty, love…❤️

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    1. Thank You, Isabelle. It really is such a multi-layered strange but beautiful world isn’t it? I’m in a phase of sortof reeling from all the irony and am a bit shattered by the rampant violence. There is SOOO much peace, kindness and beauty though….just cycling through. Sending You huge huge hugs. ❤️🤗😊

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    1. My pleasure, Fernando. You opened my heart/world a bit. Sending You so much Love and wishes for a saturation of Peace in every pocket of Your world….gosh….in every EVERYTHING of All of Our Worlds!!! Right?! Muito Obrigado e Felicidades!!!


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