about tj, free-flow art/haikus

tj’s gift


      weaving your moments

in brilliant sweetness, love, light

your feet in gold shoes


dance gentle circles

that ripple into our hearts

all embracing peace

3 waves for blog

All artwork, haiku, etc. (unless otherwise noted) are by/© Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art. All rights reserved.

'om' by katy boyer/Blissbait Art


15 thoughts on “tj’s gift”

  1. I see a woman in one piece, she is walking, maybe dancing on a golden path. It flows with your poetry. That background work is awesome as well. Your poetry and painting compliments each other in such a nice way Well done. 🙂 🙂

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    1. Thank You, Ankit! It actually is a painting of a dear loved one of ours dancing on a golden path. She has been fighting cancer for a little over a year. It’s over. She was given 2 weeks to live…and the background is 14 squares with suns…all shimmering…one for each day. The grace, sweetness and love surrounding her and that she exudes is mindblowing. She teaches so much without even trying. It’s a strange, sad, difficult situation….but I feel blessed to know her and her dear ones. 💖

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      1. Im so sorry to learn that Katy. Im sure she is smiling and dancing in heaven and shes very happy to see you remembering her through this painting and the poetry.
        Now that I know what this is about I’ll read and take some time to go through the entire post again. Thank you for sharing.

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        1. Thank You so much, Ankit. She’s actually still in hospice…still going through it. Right in the middle of her 2 weeks now. It’s so odd. Some days she looks as if she’s fading, others she looks better. Her pain is being managed well and she’s got to be the most graceful person I’ve ever met. So….just sad times right now. But her kids have her room so happily decorated and people are in and out visiting all day. Sad but lots of sweetness going on.


          1. Im really sorry Katy, i thought it was in the past. I just gave it a lot of thoughts, tried putting myself there, even thought of what conversations would she have with the visitors and her kids. And It made me so emotional, I will pray for her.

            We are so fragile…..

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            1. Thank You so much, Ankit. You are so sweet. Gosh, we are so fragile, aren’t we? The kindness and gentleness surrounding her passing are boundless. Her kids are in their 30s…she has a couple of small grandchildren, 5 and 3. The grandchildren came and helped decorate her tree…they know and understand. I wasn’t there but was told it was wonderful. Her amazing son has told us this a few times, “When You talk to her, tell her exactly how You feel. Don’t worry about making her emotional. I would rather she cry and know exactly how people feel about her than not know. This is it.” And it FEELS good in her room. The nurses keep commenting on how absolutely peaceful and nice it is in her room. Friends/family flow in and out and in and out. That’s why I called the post tj’s gift. She’s gifting us so much. I told her that the other day. Angel lady. Your prayers are much appreciated, Ankit. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. You’re a dear friend. 🙂

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              1. Thank you for sharing all of these. At least Im glad her kids are around 30. And yes telling her what one exactly feels about her would be the best thing to do I guess. Last night I thought and thought and almost wrote a poem. I will complete it and the poem was inspired by tj’s story.

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              2. Oh my gosh! That is so very sweet. I love it! You know, we spent a lot of time there yesterday and it was amazing. When we arrived, she and one of her beautiful daughters were recording books for her grandchildren; the ones that exist and for those yet to be conceived. There was much sweetness and laughter and they invited us to join in on the sound effects. When she tired….3 more visitors arrived and there was conversation. She told her entire journey with cancer to one of her friends who was a bit confused on the timeline. Then proceeded to complete her funeral plans with one of her friends who is one of her preachers. It’s to be a celebration, she insists. There are going to be dance numbers and many songs. They’ve been working on this. She stressed that all who attend are to understand her life is being celebrated. Truth be told, she’s on of my boyfriend’s sisters. She’s blowing my mind. Their sweet mother came. 2 more friends drifted in and out. Hands were held. Prayers said. We went out for a while to give space and down the hall run her beautiful grandkids! We ended up talking to other friends of hers for a while in the hall and then hunted the kids down, who had gone to eat in a family room. I could go on and on. Amazing. When the room had been cleared out again, the kid’s mom, my man’s niece, suggested we head back in. It was just like us all hanging out in the living room. One of the kids started coloring a picture and the other was bopping around the tree and being silly. They get that she is very sick and that’s enough. My heart and mind are being gifted tremendous growth. I’ve been around death before…but nothing even close to this. And death doesn’t frighten me…but it leaves me so awkward when it happens to others. What to say. What to do. HOW to be there for/with someone. Lord. I’m being schooled. I’m so, so very sorry and sad this is happening, but am more grateful than I’ll ever be able to express. The Grace is beyond is beyond beautiful. It’s amazing that You are halfway around the world and are touched by her. Loving that You hold this in Your heart and are inspired by it. Thank You for sharing this journey with us. Sending You such huge hugs. 🤗💖☀️

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              3. The way we live, our lifestyle, culture and so many different things might be very different. But our humanly parts(feelings) are similiar. So there is that bridge, it bridges all the distance. That is exactly what is happening here in this case. Katy the more you share about tj and her final moments with her the more amused I become. You are indeed blessed to have known such a person. Some ethnic groups over here celebrate the occasion of funeral. They literally Party. Some Buddhist flollowers, thats.their ritual, but your friend here is more than that. She wants it to be a celebration. I cannot pathom that. Idk if its the right word but it is her greatness which totally beyond me. Im glad to have known such great person through you. Someone whose story shall always inspire me to be strong and calm. God I cant even describe it. But still im sorry, it will be tough for all of you who have been there with her on her final hour. Because she is such a great soul. I have given it so much thought, I can see it. I believe in humanity more than god, but this time I’ll pray for tj and for all the people who shall and for you that you’ll have that strength at that time. Katy there other things I want to talk about, things that you wrote here. Maybe next tjme. Im sending you lot of loves, a warm hug and the strength. 🙂 🙂

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              4. This is so lovely, Ankit. Thank You. It IS fascinating, isn’t it? The way various cultures/people choose to deal with death. For the most part here where I live, funerals are very sombre occasions. Sweet but very serious and on the quiet side…with music here and there. Then…my funny mom, who is still very much alive and well, has told me, ordered me! that we are to do for her what she/we did for my step-father when he passed. 🤣 So when her time comes it will be at home with wine and cheese with her favorite music playing and I’m to read her favorite poem before sharing my thoughts. Then everyone who wants to say something will be welcome to. I saw a documentary once on some of the many ways people deal with death around the world. It was amazing. Can’t remember the name of it. I’m rambling. 😄 Your thoughts and prayers are so beautiful. I’m praying for her pain to go away and for strength for her beautiful family as well. Sending You love and hugs back. Thank You for this conversation. It’s been truly nice and helpful. 🤗💖☀️

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