11 thoughts on “note to self…”

  1. I think I know what inspired you to write such a beautiful piece. I totally agree with you. We should take time to live the moment and be thankful for it. Don’t let the fear of tomorrow take it away from you.
    Did I get it right? I hope I did. 🙂

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    1. Hey Ankit. Yes! It’s actually a life challenge of mine. When I’m not certain what’s going on, just on automatic pilot I’ll go to a negative place often and become upset. My sweet man is one who just doesn’t do that. He says, “Stop Your worrywartin’, child. You have no idea what’s going to happen (or what’s going on or what they’re thinking, etc.)”. And it’s true!!! I wish I could just brand that on my brain!!! ‘Cause nine times out of ten, I’m wrong anyway and all is well. 🤣 And yes, our journey right now with tj TRULY has me aware of how very little time we have here anyway…and that we don’t even KNOW how much time we have…..but certainly wasting it in silly ways is ridiculous and I truly need to stop. 😊

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      1. Im a thinker, I think too much and most of the times that puts me in such a bad spot. I make it worse. And at the same time i could be the most carefree person. Trust me on this. The artist part of you tells me that you are one of the coolest person. I have felt it. You have been providing me with so much of positiveness. Yes I did go through one of your videos where you talk of leaving wverything behind with only a large suitcase or something. I was worried there. But never brought it to you. You are already an inspiration to me, when I think of you, I associate you with happiness ( your wonderful paintings) im sorry I am not acquainted with the other part of Katy. Like the way you know me by my happy and sad poetries. Despite all that. Im a happy person. I want and shall always wish you happiness. Oh Dear Katy. 🙂 🙂

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        1. Me too! It’s hilarious! Kindred spirits. 🤣 If it can be thought to death, by God I’m gonna do it. I’ve gotten SOOOO much better and lightened up a good bit with age. And am seriously generally a very happy/silly person in general. Each coin definitely has 2 sides. We laugh a lot in this house. Bill is wired just the opposite and while he is exceedingly thoughtful and kind….he doesn’t worry or dwell….so it’s really cool to be around. I think maybe us artistic types are just like that. I saw that somewhere recently and it made me smile. Probably in blogland. And…I DID do that! gave away all my stuff and left a very big city I was unhappy in. Just didn’t have the money to take everything. Best thing I ever did. 🤣 I purposefully don’t say much on my blog as when I start expressing myself, as You’re experiencing….I’m a talker!!! So making myself be concise in haiku is very fun for me…but it does make many riddles. One of the biggest joys for me here is that usually people find my work joyful and so positive….even when I’m not feeling that way at all. It gifts me huge smiles and has been a tremendous teacher/example that perspective is EVERYTHING! My hat is off to all of You beautiful, brave souls who wear Your entire hearts quite literally in all their shades/moods/colors outloud in Your art/expression. Y’all never cease to amaze me and it gifts much. We’re all weaving a tapestry……it’s all good. Sending You huge hugs and so many thanks for Your thoughtfulness and kindness. 🤗💖😊

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          1. As you can see from our conversation from this post and from the other ones, Im a talker just like you. I just joined a new workplace and I’m already popular there because of my silly talks. I’ve been told that they would not mess with me. When it come to silly talks and stupid reasonings. I make people happy with my my jokes. Yes I saw that video once and I was worried but I forgot to ask bcoz most of the time we talk happy things. Im glad I asked. Happy weekend to you. Have a blast. Oh wait, when I like something like poetry and hiaku I always try to extract more by asking directly about the subject. Its not that Im trying to barge in to people’s personals matter, i just like how people wrap so much of details in one or two lines.

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            1. Oh Ankit, I LOVE how You communicate! Your comments and Your presence in general are wonderful!!! It’s an absolute TRUE gift that You stop by and share Your thoughts. There has not been one time You’ve commented that You’ve not gifted a smile or touched my heart. And particularly all You shared over tj and the conversation You allowed me to have in a new situation….but all the time!!! It’s never seemed as if You are barging in! Not at all. Your art, Your poetry, Your music are inspirations and gifts as well. Oh, please know You and anything You have to say any way You say it are most, most welcome here!!! I hope You have a wonderful weekend. I work today and was laughing at what You said about You at work. You’d be such a fun person to work with and would fit right in with all of us. But we’re a bunch of crazy middle aged women. You’d possibly run screaming!!! 🤣 Sending huge hugs and heartfelt wishes that You know how perfect You are and how grateful I am to know You. 🤗💖☀️

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