16 thoughts on “the platter”

  1. Are you experimenting a new set of colour combination Katy? Gorgeous sunrise, or sunset? Green seems so harmonious with the shining yellow. Lovely! Best wishes and hugs, take care. 💜🌸💜🌸

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    1. Thank You, Isabelle!!! This was a happy accident. Me starting with a golden canvas, watercolouring the bejeebees out of it…and then getting pretty locked in to what else the canvas would allow. It was fun to be so constrained. Explored, played and this happened. Can’t even remember exactly how I did it, but it was fun!!! Sending huge hugs and warm wishes Your way! 🤗💖😊

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      1. Sorry for the delayed reply, Katy! I almost missed out your comment. Sometimes we don’t need to follow the rules and conventions, let it be painting or writing. Follow the heart/intuition, and let the pen or brushes do things in their own right might be a good option too 😊 Take care. Hugs and hugs🌸❤️🌸

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