24 thoughts on “jab-ing at trust”

    1. Thank You, David! I made this for one of my sweet sisters…that’s her in the drawing. 😄 It’s always a good reminder to me too, though. Let go let go let go…..and thank You for reminding me that I am a child of the Universe. No less than the trees or the stars; I have a right to be here…😃! You gifted my first big smile of the day as my mom had the words to ‘Desiderata’ framed and hung in our home. I know every word to that beautiful poem!!! and cannot see any of them without the song version starting to play in my head😅. We owned that record too, of course! Wow. Truly a brilliant reminder. Sending huge hugs and clinking my glass to Yours!!! 🥂🙏🏼💖


    1. Thank You, Ankit. I’m glad You like it. I drew it for a dear one who is in a huge transition that I see as the best thing that could be happening to her. She’s in that space where all she see’s is losing…but I totally see the opposite. Perspective is everything. I know it’s easy to stand outside of one’s situation and see the positive…but at any rate it made her smile. Life is so challenging sometimes, isn’t it? ❤️

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      1. Im confused, but thats okay, I got some of it. Talking of challenging life, im in such a nice mess, im involved in so many different things, just a week ago when I was asking my boss to assist me, he took a moment n replied ” now lemme switch from coding to business side of things.” He really needed that, since he mentors everybody.. He asked me if I would be interested in teaching his kids piano(keyboard). “Prespective is everything” so I agreed and took the challenge, not seeing it as a challenge but an opportunity, im so occupied and barely have time for myself but I’ll manage. Im looking forward.
        I got one more, I can’t wait to share it with you. Waiting for the right moment.

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        1. WOW!!! Ankit, that’s fantastic!!! It’s wonderful that You’re going to be teaching kids keyboard. God. You just made my heart smile soooo big. I’m excited for You and that it’s a joyful wave of business in Your life. You’d not posted in so long and I was hoping it was because You were just busy. I love that You see it as a nice mess. I’m going to steal that phrase! Remember to breathe and take moments for Yourself when You can!

          All I was talking about was a dear friend who is going through a divorce. She was never happy in her relationship and complained incessantly….even saying she could have done better. Well, it’s over and she’s terrified of what’s next. A job must be gotten. She has to find a new home, etc. I see this as a beautiful new adventure for her and am truly excited where it will take her. She sees only doom and hopelessness. So I drew this for her. It made her smile but she doesn’t believe me that down the road new life will spring. Easy for me to say when I’m not going through it. But we have all experienced great loss in our lives now and again. And I can honestly say every time, as I look back, eventually the gift of the situation becomes clear.

          Sending huge hugs and much joy Your way!!! Cheers and Rock on!!! 🤗💖😊

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          1. For your friend, it may take sometime, in times like this, for someone like me, it is so hard to embrace and accept the possibilities that wait on the other side, because you are so occupied and you yourself become the road block. But eventually she will.
            I was just tinkering with the keyboard piano and played the part I played on my guitar. The keyboard sounds really really cool. Before this I used to compose then program other instruments except guitar. Now, I think I’ll use piano as one of my main instrument. Playing the exact same on the keyboard piano wow it was such a wonderful experience. Pressing notes from my song, oh god, I cant explain how happy and hopeful I am that Ive decided to add a layer of piano and make a video. 🙂 🙂

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            1. That’s an amazing way to put it, Ankit, “…you yourself become the road block.” We do that at times, don’t we?

              And…WOW! How fun seeing You so joyfully creating music….processing here! Can’t wait to hear the piece You’re working on!!! Cheers!!! 🤗💖 ☀️ I don’t work today so I will watch Your video. Yay!!!

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              1. Hey! How fun! I look forward to hearing it! That would be fine! And I don’t know what day You wrote this, but I’m fine, thank You! I have odd days off. Was doing tons of yard work. We are both so bad at getting out there in the winter. We let everything die and go to seed and just be dead. Delightful for our neighbors, I’m sure! 🤣 But there is something so fun about just letting winter look like winter. 🙂

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              2. It is work in progress but, ‘okie dokie’ I’ll just send you the way it is for now. Winter has just gone (still the nights & mornings are cold). Don’t make me miss winter already.

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  1. It seems to be a constant circulation. Old things left, new things arrived. In between there’re those things, like the paintings of waves and the moon, which journeyed from an island to a city, and then turned into permanent possessions. Those things will follow us, for the rest of our life. Take care, Katy ❤️🌸❤️

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