24 thoughts on “happy women’s day beautiful ladies!”

    1. Isabelle!!! WOW! I just woke up to Your wonderful email and skype messages. Oh my! Thank You more than I can say for Your kindness and the time You took reading ‘…Mr. White’!!! I’m honored and so happy You liked it. I will write back soon but just wanted You to know I received both and can’t stop smiling. And Thank You for this sweet message. I can’t believe it’s snowing there still! Gosh. You live in a fairy tale world up there….so foreign to me. Sending You tons of love and the hugest warm hugs! 🤗💖☀️🦋😊

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      1. Mr White was a wonderful read, Katy! It carries a vital message – love, kindness and compassion. ❤️ No hurry! Write only when you’re in a writing mood and have got time. I’ll send you an image of this incredible winter wonderland soon. Yes! Via Skype. Millions of hugs coming right back ❤️🌸✨😊

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    1. Hey Sweet Ankit! I’ve missed You as well too! I hope life is going alright. Everything here is fine…..storms that were here have calmed; metaphorically speaking. Starting to feel Spring like on every level….Yay! Sending You hugs as well!!! How are things with You? 🤗💖☀️

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        1. Ah! You just gifted my first laugh of the day, Ankit. Loved “whats cooking?”!!! 😄 Not a lot…but that’s a nice thing. Had much family stuff to deal with but everything is settled down now. Everyone is fine. Taking a breather; gearing up to have more time to paint again….can’t wait!!! About the same as you…and yes! I bet that Spring arriving there is such a lovely relief! Y’all get very cold weather there, don’t You? Spring has sprung here too…it’s really sweet. Flowers and birds starting to go bananas!!! 😄

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          1. Not really, where I live(the hilly region), we have moderate climate, to me its too hot in summer and too cold in winter. This year it got.colder than that of last time Just 2 weeks ago, there was light snow some 13 miles away from my place. Now its getting warmer.

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              1. Hey, Im sorry, I feel bad, I missed the details. You’ve put so much of effort here. The building, the waters, the wings, a ballon and many other cool stuffs. And the lady is so sharp. Must be because I was browsed this on my phone. Happy women’s day, not take the entire month. hsah 🙂

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              2. Oh God! No worries!!! I painted her years ago. There’s been no time to paint paint of late. It’s coming though. She sold years ago as well. 3 people wanted her but my boyfriend won out! 🙂

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