42 thoughts on “re-moved”

  1. Absolutely vibrant painting. It is super cool. Re-moved as in relocated? Hmm are you okay? Your haikus are like a puzzle. Sometimes I’m able to solve them and sometimes I keep wondering about the missing piece, but I always manage to have a good time with it.

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    1. Thank You, Ankit!!! Nah. I seriously can’t remember why I named it re-moved. I was feeling something strongly that I’d not felt in a while but I’m spacing what it was right now. I’m fine! You are the kindest!!! My haikus are so very random. I sometimes look back and laugh because often I can’t remember what I was talking about. I write them very swiftly. They ARE a bit riddle-ish, to be sure! And re-reading this one I can seriously say….. I dunno! 🤣 You gift me so much! It makes me smile so that You take the time and think about my art/haiku. Thank You more than I can say! Sending huge hugs Your way!!! 🤗💖😊

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  2. Hi Katy , you just made my day with your beautiful thoughts and yummy colors. Being in WV I look forward to seeing your light. I try to see the colors here, however, gray, grey, & very dark brown seem to be the pallette. Can’t wait for Spring. I know you have had a very full plate. You, Katy, look out for others and I Know that it will come back to you in many ways. Love you much,

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    1. Wow and Thank You! Hey Sweet Cindy!!! What a trip! I had no idea You looked at my blog. That gifts me a huge smile! Thank You!!! Wishing Spring for You soon!!! We just had a super odd cold spurt again….I think it was in the low 50s nite before last….we had a great fire going!…but apart from that blip….it is definitely here. The island is absolutely loaded with azaleas! Heaven. You are too kind. I have my moments I reckon. I hope You and Your sweet girls are all doing well and that Your back has mended perfectly. I love You! May Spring come knocking soon!!! 💖


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