free-flow art/haikus

we have ignition!

phase 2’s golden road

has its arms open so wide!

happy feet and heart


jump into next breath

amid fields of vast YESes!!!

we dive from atop


all our yesterdays

the “good”, the “bad”…ALL of it

ferried by Pure Love

All artwork, poetry, etc. (unless otherwise noted are by/© Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art. All rights reserved.


36 thoughts on “we have ignition!”

  1. So much vibration and energy flowing in your poem, so much joy and warmth expressed in your beautiful painting. You fill my heart with hope and strength. Thank you, dear Katy ☘️🌸🍀❤️😊

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    1. Hey Ankit! Thank You! That makes me smile so big! This time, as last, the painting came first but the theme of all was born at the same time. It was my birthday last week and I turned 55!!! Very excited about this as it notes a little turn in my life. Thinking so much about time and trust and surrender and just figuratively jumping off the cliff into dreams. Letting go. Doing all the art/creating I’ve ever wanted to do with no concern about how things land. I have turned into a five year old the past few days!!! 🤣 Sending huge hugs Your way!!! 💖🤗🌀

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      1. Happy belated birthday to dear Katy, hope you had a blast, I wonder how it went and what you did? Was there some suprise? 55, wow!! But you are only getting younger. I’m so happy to be chatting with you like this. Feels like it has been ages. I would love to hear more about your special day. Happy belated birthday once once again, maybe I’m the last one to wish you, this year. Sending you lots of love and hugs.
        Not wishing you a warm sunny day, we are having a really hot summer. How about you. I wish you a cool, calm and relaxing time ahead.

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        1. Thank You, Ankit! It’s wonderful to be chatting with You as well! It HAS been ages! Life gets busy, doesn’t it? It’s been very fun watching all You’re doing. You are so kind to touch base now and again because I know You have so much going on and a million very cool irons in the fire! Thank You for the birthday wishes, love and hugs! You just gifted me a smile that’s taken up my entire face and heart! I had a superfantasticbubbleelastic day! 🙂 I think the biggest surprise for me was that my friends were just as excited about me turning 55 as I am! This is a significant age for me as at the end of this month I will be able to stop working in the gift shop, collect my pension and work on my art full time! I can’t even believe it’s here! Yay!!! Beautiful Bill and I had fun being lazy bears as it is SOOO HOT here as well. Yikes! And he took me out for a beautiful dinner. We have a spot we take one another to on our Birthdays. I got showered with so much love and sweetness. Your “Not wishing you a warm sunny day…” made me laugh. Lord, Ankit….us too!!! It’s uncommonly HOT here. Bill works out in the heat and I honestly don’t know how he stays so pleasurable! I would not be a very nice person if I was that hot all the time!!! Wishing You a cool, calm and relaxing time ahead as well!!! How are You and when is Your birthday? I suck at remembering everyone’s birthdays but have made a vow to get better at it!!!! I remain behind in blogland but will be by soon to see what You’re up to! Sending cool breezes…lovely gentle days, hugs and much Love Your way!!! And my emojis are not working today but there would be lots of fun ones if they were! 🙂

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          1. does get busy. I’m happy for you and envy you, you’ll be able to dedicate your time on things you love. Wow I’m really so happy for you.

            I’m glad to hear you had a blast, making wonderful moments. Spending time with special ones. 🙂 🙂

            Me too,. I don’t remember birthdays except my own. We just celebrated my sister’s birthday. And yesterday it was my mother’s birthday. Mine is on 12 of Feb.
            In such a random order, I’m doing well. Fighting summer. Hah. 🙂 🙂
            Take care, stay cool. Sending you a cool hug.

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            1. Thank You, Ankit!!! 😀 I hope Your Mother and sister had wonderful birthdays! My Mom and one of my sister’s are in February so maybe I’ll actually remember Yours. We’ll see! 🤗
              Random order/perfect order!
              😄 Fighting summer: understandable. It’s very odd. Bill and I took in my sister’s cat when she had to go to the nursing home. His name is Pappy and he is a Maine Coon which means he is a VERY hairy cat…thick coat…and his tail actually looks just like a racoon’s! They are not all that way; Pappy just got lucky. But man! As hot as it is, he would rather be outside! It’s crazy! He’ll come in for a bit here and there and I brush him daily as to help his shedding but wow! I can’t imagine preferring to be in the HEAT wearing a fur coat. Crazy! He’s happy though. He’s a Heat Buddha. 😊 Sending You cool hugs right back!!! Wishing You one of Your beautiful, cool treks in the Mountains soon!!!

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              1. I hope you will. I thought I had replied this comment the last time. Don’t know what went wrong. Maybe my connection. Talking of cats, I know of one selfish cat who only hangs around our kitchen’s door when he needs food. His mews are hard to resist. It is the sweetest call. Since he is white we call him setu. Playing with his is fun, sometimes a stress reliever. Anyway I want to see the Racoon cat.
                There has been so much rain here. Most of the areas are flooded. It rained for 1 and half days and in some place it has been raining until now.
                I’m safe. No such danger here but the videos are being viral. I went to field visit today and since I live in hill I saw so many minor landslides.

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              2. Oh Gosh!, Ankit. I am happy You are alright but sorry there is flooding. Awful. Is it Monsoon season there or just an odd, heavy rain? It’s hurricane season here and there are some states that are already getting slammed with flooding, etc. as well. So far we are well out of the path. That’s all so hard to go through. I hope it stays away from Y’all and calms soon! Does setu mean white? That’s a cool word! Smart cat! He knows where the food and love are! 😄 Maybe I’ll incorporate Pappy into a work of art someday. My sister named him Pappy after Papillon, the French guy who was a master of escape because Pappy LOVES to be outside and will get there somehow if You try to make him stay indoors. We let him come and go as he pleases…but it’s a great name!!! Sending huge hugs and hopes that the rain calms soon!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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              3. It was raining continuously for 2 days. It’s over now. I’m good. Setu means white. Actually it’s seto. Okay – okie dokie, in that way. Pappi hah sounds cute. When I was younger. I used to watch Popeye the sailor man. Other characters there used to have such name. Paypye. Popiye. Pappai. Haha.
                Sending you love. Take care. And I wish you a good day.

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              4. I’m glad it stopped raining! Enough is enough! And Thank You for gifting me a great laugh! I loved watching Popeye as well and Pappy is definitely a character. Very funny cat! I hope You have a good day as well!!! 😄

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