you’re delicious & nutritious!!!

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you're delicious & nutritious!

Taking a break from blogland to paint my brains out and tend to life was a great idea. Had been feeling overwhelmed but now my life ducks are all in a row and WOW! I got  a lot of painting done! Completed 4 pieces. 4 more are very close to being done and I’ve started 2 others that I’m very excited about. 3 brand new pieces sit in the wings waiting to be sanded/prepped and begun; but they have already made their presence known in my heart! Very exciting!!!

I missed the camaraderie of blogland. For whatever reason I remain a lone wolf in my artistic community here; haven’t plugged in anywhere. So blogland and all You artists of SOOOO many expressions and SOOOO many ways of being are my community….and how very blessed am I!!! It’s incredible to buzz around and see so many lovely people from all over the world gifting their hearts, souls, art of many forms, humor, poetry, stories, struggle, lives, vulnerability, crazy poignant/beautiful inspiration, support and LOVE so freely!!!

I hope You All know how deeply You touch lives with Your gifts. From the simplest post to the wonderfully silliest post to the deeply profound!!!

Thank You from the bottom of my heart for making me (and everyone!!!) know we’re not alone on this journey, for reminding us of the preciousness of everything, for teaching  crazy cool science, and for opening our hearts all the more and pouring in serious joy!!! Kindred Spirits All!!!

Peace out, Rock on, Happy New Year and CHEERS!!!

wave by/© Blissbait Art

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