1. I do try to keep both feet 👣 here
    on Planet Earth 🌎 Katy, so I can check out your artful posts
    Otherwise I’d be off on a magic
    swirling ship ⛵ 🏝️ with the
    Tamborine Man 🌀 😎

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    1. Wow!!!! I’m honored, but I dunno, David! Somehow I seriously think You could do both at the same time in completely different stratospheres and maintain Your brilliant, unique elan all the while in both dimensions!!! 🤗🦋💕🐬😊

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    1. That’s crazy cool, David!!! Love it! I hear visually so Your comment just gifted me a very fun circusmindy trip! I can see my words swirling through Your amazing otherworldy mind and heart. What great tales they’ll tell when they come home!!! 😃IF they decide to return!!! 🤣Cheers and Thanks for the huge smile You just gifted!!!

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