ultimate caretaker

wave by/© Blissbait Art


when i wander deep into my cave of what ifs, projections and fear

inevitably Love wakes me up with a trail of breadcrumbs woven from

mindblowingly plentiful gifts

such as

flowers, butterflies, sunshine, wind, the moon, my breathe and




wave by/© Blissbait Art

All artwork, poetry, etc. (unless otherwise noted) are by/© Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art. All rights reserved.

'om' by/© Blissbait Art

thank you for blog



  1. This is such a beautiful piece of your love of nature and what a gorgeous piece of artwork Kind Katy, just so lovely. xoxoxoxo Sending fairies with gifts of pearls, they exchange all kinds of things with the mermaids for their choice pearls. Love you buckets, Joni

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  2. A few hours ago, I had an online session, I messed up big time, I was supposed to give a session on podcasting to the internal team, I was so confident that I didn’t practice much and it backfired. After it was done, I was so down, I couldn’t help but think and think and think, for a moment I was so hopeless then I got out of it, somehow.

    Now I’m like its okay, things don’t always go your way. And Im sharing it with you because it helps.

    How have you been? Also, I have something which I’ll write to you.

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    1. Oh gosh, Ankit. I’m so sorry. You already know this, but we ALL do things like that now and again. It will pass and perhaps wasn’t as horrible as it feels like it was. Lesson learned! Be kind to Yourself. I’m glad You reached out. I hope You are feeling better today!

      I’ve been fine. Everything is okay here. Thank You! How are You and Yours? Stay safe…🤗❤️😊

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      1. Im doing good, we are safe here. I’m glad to hear that you are safe. 🙂

        It was a bad experience but I’m okay, such is life.

        About the other thing, I’m currently working on a new project, we have been asking people outside of our organization to read stories for children, esp of Nepal. I did one too. I was wondering if you could read one of your stories, in your relaxing voice, just like the one in Bliss TV, I remember that. If you have the time and if youre comfortable doing that. Lemme know.

        Take care, have a good day. 🙂 🙂

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        1. Ah! I am happy to hear You’re are doing good and that You’re letting Yourself move on from that experience. I have had so many things like that happen in my life. Egad! I think everyone I know has. But, yes….such is life. Perfect summation. Onward! ❤️

          I would be absolutely honoured to send You a recording of one of my stories! It’s really funny: about a week ago I was taking a long walk and thought I want to record my alphabet book. Years ago I made an attempt but didn’t like it and stopped halfway through. The goal is to make a little film where I’m reading the story and people can see the illustrations/pages as they are listening. I’m right in the middle of redoing my website; should be done today or tomorrow and the goal is Monday to start on the recording/film. I will send You both the film and the recording when I am finished to share as You please. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all You are doing! I was reminding my boyfriend, Bill, lastnight about You and telling him all You are doing. You truly are a remarkable young man.

          Stay kind to Yourself and stay safe! Sending hugs Your way and hoping You have a good day as well! 🤗❤️😊

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          1. Thank you so so much dear Katy, wow!!! Not so much excitement on these words but it’s midnight here and I am excited , I’ll send you some basic guidelines along with sample videos tomorrow, but it’s already today here hahaha. I’m from future. Also, I can help you with your goal, it would be my honour, that is why I asked, which application do you use for your illustrations. If it goes well, I’m sure it will, I’ll showcase it as one of my projects. I’m so excitrd I can’t wait.

            I’ll write to you. Take care dear Katy.

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            1. Get some sleep!!! 😅Oh gosh, I use Corel Painter 7 and make my films in imovie but I truly have been looking forward to doing this so I am going to continue with my plan to make the little movie I was thinking of. I’ll also check out Your guidelines and feel free to do whatever You like with the recording (and illustrations if You want them) when I send it to You! It would be fun to see what movie You come up with! I should be able to start next week but I’ll wait for Your instructions. How fun!!!

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              1. I’ve sent you an email and some of the sample videos. You can pick one of the styles or even recommend me something new. I think the one with pages flipping with my voiceover or the one with white paper texture would be best for you. Yes, I want your illustrations as well, I’m sure it’ll be cool and fun. 🙂

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                1. You know, yesterday evening I saw You’d sent me some emails but have not had.had time to look at them yet. Next week for sure. Hoping to start Weds or Thursday. I’ll write You back as soon as I look at them. This WILL be very fun! With everything that’s been going on in the world I’d been wanting to post a film/recording of one of my books I did many years ago. I had planned to post a story I read/made many years ago. I’ve had some people tell me it’s not for kids as it’s odd. I see it as being for kids of all ages. Anyway, I hadn’t been able to find my original anywhere in my files so I think I deleted somewhere along the way; but I’d posted it on wordpress years ago and found it in my media here yesterday. It’s up! Feel free to share it where ever if You think it’s appropriate. I’ll Absolutely read Your emails and get my stuff off to You after I record next week. This will be very fun! I’ve wanted to do it for a while, and am looking forward to it!

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