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Hey Beautiful People! This weekend I was bopping around the innards of my blog trying to figure out some techno stuff and noticed my spam folder could use emptying. Much to my surprise the only things it contained were very sweet comments from a dear blogging friend and a wonderful message from a lovely, close family friend! Ack! I think perhaps the spamming mechanism may be a bit wonky with all that’s going on in the world and is hoarding. 🤣 At any rate: Check Your Spam! There may be wonderful surprises in there for You! And my apologies to sweet Gabriela at Short Prose and lovely Cindy Q for my oblivion! Shocking, I know! 😅 Hugs to All and stay safe!

wave by/© Blissbait Art

'om' by/© Blissbait Art

thank you for blog


    1. Well….I am teeeeeny tiiinnnny fries compared to You! 🤣You have a gazillion more followers than I do so I be that’s part of it. 😅MUCH heavier traffic flow….but Yeah….there’s probably some adoration for You in there. You ROCK! Cheers!


  1. Hi Katy, no problem but it is weird when you go in to spam and find these gems. No need for apologies. I love when I compose my message and then forget to send or Save it to draft & find it weeks later. 🤨🤪 I do the best I can with all the options of these inner workings 😫

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    1. Hey Beautiful Cindy!!!! I got the best time/JOY over Your text! Thank You! Texting back today…and yes! Spam is a strange, hungry, mysterious little being, isn’t it? 🤣And I do the same thing…compose and don’t send! Too funny! I Love You and so appreciate You coming here. Sending HUGE hugs Your way! 🤗❤️😊


      1. You bring such joy to me my dear Katy with this site so it’s my pleasure to come here during the day or in my case, sometimes, the wee hours of nite 🤭 It’s like seeing you as a very kind wood nymph peeking around the tree to check on her peeps and you hear this deep giggle and see this huge smile that brightens the world. 🌎💫. Love you back more and thank you for being you. Ya’ll Stay safe and healthy❣️ P.S. I will be checking my spam🤣

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        1. Oh wow! This is crazy sweet! I am just getting my day started and see this lovely message! Thank You, Cindy!!! I’m right there with You about the wee hours of the nite….I’m not so sure how I feel about this not sleeping well sometimes thing! 😅Speaking of a deep giggle and a huge smile that brightens the world….as my beautiful Bill would say, “You’re talkin’ ’bout Yourself, now!” I love You and send You the hugest hugs!!! And Thank You….Y’all stay safe and well , too!!! 🤗❤️😊🦋🌀


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