1. Wow! That’s so lovely, Suzanne! “…smlingly gently at ease…” That’s an attitude for a soldier in the Army of Love! Can’t You just see a wonderful angel-bubble-fairy-princess general laughingly commanding “Smilingly gently at ease!!!” Love it! Thank You!!! Sending hugs Your way!!! 🤗❤️🌷🧚🏽🙏🏼🌀😊

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      1. I can see it now!! Through my own giggling smile as I’m conjuring the sweet bubbly image that no doubt you could create with a swish of your magic paintbrush!!! Thank you back!!! Hug circle backatcha!!! 😊🌀🙏🦄🧚‍♀️🌷🦋❤️🤗

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  1. Thank you for adding a little bit of brightness to this crazy world of ours. I’m doing better as I watch some states opening back up. How are you guys doing in Georgia ? New York State may open up soon, like end of the month, but in New York City , Long Island and Westchester County , it ain’t happening . Even Jersey has some places open. Oh well this is the new norm now. Stay safe and take care of yourself. It’s a good thing that Appalachian Trail hike you were going to do didn’t happen. Who knows what would have happened .

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    1. Gosh, Jo Ann….I seriously can’t wrap my mind around what Y’all are going through. And I am beyond sorry if You’ve lost friends to this. I am so glad things may ease up at the end of the month but understand the slowness of everything getting back….someday. The new norm indeed. It’s pretty strange. It’s very odd here. We started opening back up last week…but our cases are still rising and we are the 10th worst state now…we’d fallen down to 12 but are back at 10. Beaches: completely open. People are supposed to be social distancing and the cops are supposed to be patrolling but that seems like a hard thing to keep to while spacing out in the wonderful sunshine! Some restaurants open for dine-in…with strict standards. My friends who work at a very busy shop in the village go back to work tomorrow and are a bit concerned. Our little tourist town is flooded with people happy to be out and about….I guess rentals are back open…I know our Governor opened them WEEKS ago and after public outcry reclosed them. Crazy. But a friend called me yesterday and said the village looks like a regular summer day. No social distancing. Not one mask….and PACKED. “The vilage” is kindof like the town center here. A bunch of shops that line the street that leads to our big pier and seaside picnic area/park. I seriously don’t know what to think. We only have 74 cases in our county right now…I pray it stays that way and we don’t get slammed. But even in the thick of all of this, with many stores closed, lots of places doing storeside pickup and social distancing/mask wearing happening….about half of the people where I live weren’t wearing masks. In the grocery store it was pretty half and half. A large part of the population here saw/sees it as the flu and just doesn’t realize (or care) that they could spread it to others. So….GOD. To quote Shakespeare, “I am amazed and know not what to say.” I’ll tell You the only person I can stand to watch/listen to talk about this whole thing for a while now is Cuomo. He’s such a class act…from where I watch anyway. Are You feeling secure in how things are being handled there?


      1. Yes, people may not like him for not realizing the subways here in ny are breeding grounds for the virus with all the homeless people but now we have somewhat a grip on it. Trains are being shut down from 1am to 5am for cleaning and theyre paying 15 an hour for that. Theyve even advertized for people to do that. Its crazy. Folks not taking this seriously, but what do you expect when the president didnt even take it seriously and still doesnt. (but i wont even get into him. My head hurts just talking about that fool) people here too, some with masks and no gloves. Girl all we can do us pray for this country.

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        1. Oh. Yikes. Hadn’t heard about that. Reckon I’m watching even less than I thought. I’m happy he came around and is doing something about it. Seems obvious….doesn’t it? And I agree with You….I live in a very Trump supportive area (most people I know DON’T like him) and his followers are simply following his very peculiar lead. Whatcha gonna do. One happy shocker: went to the grocery store today and all the employees were wearing masks. Was stunned. Through this whole thing it’s been about half with and half without. Interesting. I just hope to see You able to travel soon! And I hope the first trip You take when You are able to hit the ground running makes You smile soooooo big that hummingbirds build nests on Your cheekbones! Light at the end of the tunnel, Beautiful!!! Sending the hugest hugs ever Your way….and deep admiration for You and Your fellow New Yorker’s strength through all of this. Amazing. ❤️🤗🙏🏼😊🌀


  2. Absolutly beautiful. I love this artwork. And your words? I feel like they fit each other in a such a delicade way Katy.
    Love this one.

    Adorei, continua!
    Um abraço muito grande para ti e para a tua família, fiquem seguros.

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  3. Wonderful dear Katy, your art-colours are back, the red-colour and the blue one, heart and planet with stars, moon and sun, thank you for this beautiful picture, the heart flies over the ocean and so it comes back to you ❤

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  4. Absolutely wonderful art and poem, I love so much your fabulous art!!! 😍🥰💕 Thank you infinitely from my heart for sharing!!! ♥️♥️♥️
    I send you a very big hug full of affection!!! 😘💕🤗♥️

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