1. I didn’t notice the image of tiny people at first sight, but paid my attention to the colourful objects. And then I saw the people walking hand in hand, as if saying we’re all in this together. Beautiful and encouraging , Katy! ❤️💕

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    1. Ah! Love that. You took a slow journey through it. Reading Your comment I saw it as a 3-D painting with You walking around inside it, exploring. That’s pretty cool!!! Thank You, Isabelle! 😊❤️🤗

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  2. Fiz uma viagem sonora com tua arte, Katy. “Pet sound” do Beach Boys me acompanhou e me fez muito bem. Uma imensa sensação de paz nesta manhã fria de domingo aqui em Porto Alegre. Com café, claro. Muito obrigado e felicidades sempre, minha querida amiga. Continue se cuidando, por favor. 💐❤️☮️🎶😊🌷

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    1. Ah! Pet Sounds! Estou honrado, Fernando. Esse é um álbum tão brilhante. Que imagem legal … Você está tomando café em uma manhã fria para Pet Sounds. Achei isso adorável. Está chegando a ser louco por aqui! 😅 Obrigado por isso! Espero que você esteja bem e que tenha uma semana maravilhosa! Abraços enormes! 🤗❤️🌀😊🌺


    1. Thank You, Peter! And You just gifted a big smile! Years ago I painted a large picture that is in the same ballpark as this one….and I called it ‘all together now’! You’ll laugh when You see it! Great minds thinking alike and all that! It’s the 15th painting down the page on this link: https://www.blissbaitart.com/fine-art
      I hope You and Yours are having a wonderful weekend! Cheers! 🤗❤️😊

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    1. Thank You, Hanna! Me too! Those little people show up in my paintings now and again and they gift me lots of joy. I’m going to be posting a painting soon where they are more fleshed out…Happy weekend! 🤗❤️😊

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  3. You have a very good feeling for intercultural art. I really like this wall hanging. He writes a story by day and by night, in which we can go in different directions through the elements of nature. In addition, it describes much more for other viewers. You are brilliant. Love Susanne ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. I LOVE this, Susanne! “He writes a story by day and by night, in which we can go in different directions through the elements of nature.” Exactly! You put it perfectly. Thank You!!! Huge hugs Your way! 🤗❤️🙏🏼

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    1. Love that, Suzanne!!! That’s so sweet. Thank You! That’s kindof where my mind was when I was painting it. The building blocks of all of us. All interlaced. Love that you see each one is ok. Walking away smiling…but shooting You a big hug first! 🤗❤️🦋🌺🌀!

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