‘homeward bound’ • acrylic on reclaimed canvas (25″ x 32″/63.5cm x 81/3cm)

wave by/© Blissbait Art

Blissbait Art | St. Simons Artist Katy Boyer/'homeward bound'Happy Saturday, Beautiful People!

Those of You who have been my friends for a while may vaguely remember this painting. I used to call it ‘coming to win us’ (a tribute to Cat Steven’s song ‘Longer Boats’. It was MUCH simpler/different back then! Walking by it one day I noticed it had gotten scratched and some of the paint had come off. I’d forgotten to seal it properly. In fixing it  I started to play and play and play. That was about 5 months ago of revisiting it now and again when the mood struck. This has been a fun journey! It’s finished/sealed and being set free now!

wave by/© Blissbait Art

All artwork, poetry, etc. (unless otherwise noted) are by/© Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art. All rights reserved.

'om' by/© Blissbait Art

thank you for blog


    1. Hey Suzanne!!! Thank You and NO WORRIES!!! Are You doing alright? Such crazy times…..and I know Texas is pretty blasted right now with the whole Coronavirus. I am sending You lots of love. I think of You as well! Sweet Isabelle and I were just talking about You a few weeks ago. I am sorry I’ve not checked in on You!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      1. Absolutely NO WORRIES!! Doing fine except for chiggers, ugh! 🤣 It is a crazy time! Sending lots of love back to You!! Isabelle is so sweet! Take good care ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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        1. OH NO!!! I’m so sorry!!! I’ve managed to avoid the chiggers thus far this summer (knock wood!) but my oh my I’m donating LOTS of blood to the mosquitoes and a tick here and there. ACK!!!!!! Crazy time indeed! Where’s the off switch? The Let’s ALL Love One Another NOW button?!! ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Thank You, Aimer! Isn’t he fun? I love that guy! I came close to calling this painting ‘guru’ or ‘i’ll follow the son’ but ‘homeward bound’ wouldn’t stop insisting….so. 😅I hope Y’all are having a wonderful weekend! Cheers! 🤗❤️😊

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    1. Thank You, Peter! And I completely understand but just so You know, there is complimentary dramamine onboard! And ice cream! And mimosas….actually the flower falling down is a magic wand that allows You to conjure whatever would make Your journey the most satisfactory! I’m just sayin’….🤣🤗❤️😊

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        1. I looked for the before later yesterday morning and when I found it I was stunned that I’d ever thought it was finished! I couldn’t bring myself to repost it! 🤣Methinks my muse may well have dug her fingernail across the canvas to nudge me back into this one! 😅Thank You again, Jo! I hope You have a wonderful weekend! 🤗💕😊

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  1. Woah!!! 😍 Absolutely sublime and magnificent painting, is so GREAT!!! 😍
    I love it!!! ♥️
    I send you a very big hug full of affection!!! 😘🥰🤗💕♥️💞🌸

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