52 thoughts on “on the counter”

        1. Good news indeed! And YES!!! We want Big FAT zeros sporting polka dotted bathing suits to come waltzing in bearing infinite trunks of the finest champagne for the world to toast newer, happier times!!! 😃❤️🤗🌀💕!!!

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      1. I made the blog many years ago when I was having a rough time. It helped to see my blessings instead of looking at the bad stuff. To celebrate life and family instead of dwelling in the loss and heartbreaks. Then it became an ongoing journey of the worst , the best, and everything in between. But my favorite is reading the inspiring stories of others . Reminds me we are not alone in this world both in struggles and good times. Thanks

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  1. Do you know what I like about this painting? The fact that the flower gets out of the picture. You’d say the painting is about the flower, but it’s not. Perfect! Oh, and I also like the colors of the petals. All in all an inspired piece.

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      1. I guess I’m not a big fan of symmetry. 🙂 My ex (we didn’t part because of that, but who knows? 🙂 ) used to take pictures of me, and my figure was right in the middle of the image. I wanted the background to be the focus, instead it was me… and I’m not photogenic, but that’s another story. And my pictures of him were gorgeous landscapes and a guy who happened to be there, in a corner. That’s my “artistic” view. 🙂

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