hoist ’em

keep talking….i’m listening….i sincerely am!

but the ocean, she knows my true name

she’s wrapped her wild spirit through the rooms of my soul

and never once leaves me the same

one foot on land; engaged and alive

the other drifts sweetly away

tossed about, floating free, in a space void of thought

never leaving the places she plays…

All art, poetry, etc. on this site (unless otherwise noted) are by/© Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art. All rights reserved.


  1. So funny you wrote this morning. My honey and I have been talking about you and your kindness. I have been telling him about where you live and he has been talking about all the islands there. We definitely want to go to the hot springs some time. It sounds out of this world. So you live on eighteen square miles. Sounds so romantic and wonderful there. How amazing where you live. Thank you for the treats. I love Spanish moss. Originally called tree hair by the native. The French called it Spanish hair. I love the moss. It lives on the stuff that float by not taking anything live from the tree. Instead it takes moisture from the air, bird poop, etc. Also known for housing bats, snakes and chiggers. We use to get bit by chiggers in the woods of Virginia. The PX (where the military personnel shopped) would be out of clear nail polish the only thing that seem to kill them. They inject saliva into a person the skin swells up around them and they itch till you are seriously rocking on. Lesson here – leave the moss in the beautiful old oaks. Ok did not mean to nerd out on you but I have to write about Savanna today. I will dedicate this poem to you as you have touched my heart my friend. Have an amazingly wonderful day. Love to y’all from us all here in NC.

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    1. Well You just started my day with a laugh, Joni! Nerding out is always welcome here. 😅 Thanks for the info on Spanish moss…some of that I did not know…however….chiggers? Oh…..VERY familiar! At one point this summer for a few weeks I was covered with almost 50 bites! They are mean little so and sos!!! 😂 And OH!!! How very sweet! Thank You! I can’t wait to read Your Savannah poem! How very lovely!! Smiling so big. I’ll be over to read it soon. Love right back to Y’all!!! 🤗❤️😊

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      1. Next time you get chigger bites, buy clear nail polish and put a small spot on top of the bite the little critter can’t breath. It definitely worked for us as kids. It just was very hard to buy on base (dad in the service) because all the guys doing maneuvers in the woods would get bit up too. I can’t imagine 50 bites those things hurt. Ticks are bad here because we have a herd of about a dozen deer that eat in our yard. They live in the woods behind our house. They are bad because of all the diseases they carry. Have an amazing day my friend. Love to y’all there in your beautiful island. 💖🤗💕❤️Joni

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        1. Ah! Ok. Roger that! Will do! I used alcohol and Corozone 10 which worked fine…but sounds like polish nipped it right in the bud!!! We got them as kids here as well but this is the first time I’m hearing that remedy. Makes sense!!! 😃 And of course there are a dozen deer living behind Your house!!! 😅 Fairy palaces often have such attendants! 😃 We have little packs of deer all over the island here as well…the most I’ve seen at a time in our neck of the woods is about 4 or 5. They are so funny though! Not afraid of anyone really. Just stand there eating Your flowers and look at You like, “Yeah. And?!!” 🤣 Sweet beauties though…for sure. And ticks. Yep. Lord have mercy!!! I try not to think about the diseases as we just do get bites now and again. It happens. Ack!!! 😳😅 Thank You for all of this!!! I hope You have an amazing day as well in Your enchanted realm up there!!! Cheers and big hugs! 🤗❤️🌀💕😊

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          1. Oh thanks my friend from this fairy palace to yours. Where you live looks and sounds perfectly dreamy.
            We have been bit too by ticks. You just have to keep an eye out and make sure that bullseye doesn’t show up. We can’t drive ourselves crazy about them. Sending love, cheers and big hugs to you my positively delightful friend. 🤗💕❤️💖🧚‍♀️🧚🏻Joni

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  2. This is so beautiful and such a happy painting and poem. I too have a fascination with the sea.

    “she’s wrapped her wild spirit through the rooms of my soul

    and never once leaves me the same”

    Such a happy piece. Love and hugs 💕🤗 Joni

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            1. Ah! You respond like my beautiful man! Love that, Joni!!! Rock on with Your Amazing self in Your Amazing days!!! Thank You more than I can say for all Your Love and sweet wishes!!! I’ll be back around to Your wonderful blog soon! I’m a slow train, but I pull up eventually!!! Cheers and Hugs!!! 🤗❤️🌻🐬💕

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              1. I will continue to rock on, I can also be a slow train. haha – I too, eventually pull up. Sending you and yours lots of hugs and love. Also sending you all some flowers from North Carolina, some morning glories which are still in bloom and some gentle southern breezes whenever you need them. Many hugs…. Love Joni

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                1. AHHH!!!! You’re in beautiful North Carolina!!! LOVE it there!!! I so joyfully accept Your wonderful morning glories!!! And will joyfully exchange glorious gentle southern breezes with You as I’m at the bottom of Georgia! My breeze for You and Yours is laden with magical night-blooming jasmine and hints of honeysuckle!!! How fun!!! So much Love to You! 💖💖💖!

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                  1. Oh ya, my kind friend. Savanna is the most lush and beautiful place to photograph. I felt like I was in some sort of movie when I visited there. Georgia is so beautiful. We have Jasmine all over our stairs leading to the house and morning glories close by. Honeysuckle as you said grows wild everywhere as do Muscadine grapes.

                    Thank you for your breeze also. Sending lots of love back my friend. 💖🤗💕❤️Joni

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                    1. Smiling so big!!! We’re on St. Simons Island and there are Muscadine grapes wild everywhere here too! I agree about Savanna….it’s crazy beautiful! Languid. Do You happen to be anywhere near Hot Springs, NC? That’s one of our FAVORITE places!!! 💖💖😊! But all of NC is so lovely!

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                    2. We are just under five hours from there. We have been to Asheville which I love and the Boone area. It sounds like we need to go to Hot Springs some time. It must be beautiful. I am going to look up both places. I have never heard of St. Simons Island but I will have to look it up. It sounds like so place wonderful. I bet you get a lot of your inspiration from SC. NC is beautiful. I left here when I was still a teenager and lived in WA State. That is where I met my husband.

                      I love all the night noise we get in both States. Everything is so alive. We are both fortunate to live somewhere that inspires us. Be blessed my friend. Sending you my fairy friends with flowers and trails of lightening bugs. They will sing for you but then they will be on to their next gig. Enjoy them. 😘🤗💕❤️🧚🏻🧚🏻Love Ya Joni

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                    3. Oh year! You’d love it!!! There’s a place that rents natural hot spring/hot tub private rooms right on the French Broad River….the fourth wall is completely open to the woods/river…it’s CRAZY beautiful and healing! And You could throw a rock right through Hot Springs. It’s tiny. The Appalachian Trail runs right through the center of it! We have GOT to stop in Asheville next time we go up. I keep hearing how lovely it is!

                      St. Simons is about an hour and a half South of Savannah. There are a chain of little islands called The Golden Isles. It’s lovely here. And MAN! I left here when I was 12….my mom got remarried and we moved out westward too! How fun to have come back home! The West is awesomely beautiful but I love it down here. Never did get up to WA state. Someday…..it looks insanely goreous!

                      And right?!! The night noise is wonderful!!! And we are both very fortunate! We never take this beauty for granted! And AH!!! Thanks for the fairy friends with flower trails of lightening bugs!!! What a concert that will be! We’ll tip them well with dreamcup cakes and lots of keeeses! 😄 Cheers, Hugs, Tons of Love and Rock On!!! 🤗❤️🌀🌸💖🧚🏽😊

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                    4. This is just the sweetest comment ever. Thank you for taking time to tell me all this info. My husband and I will have to plan a trip sometime. It sounds out of this world.

                      Also I will research where you live which sounds beautiful too. I am not familiar with that area at all. I am glad you made it back as did I.

                      WA State is very liberal and so my husband and I fit well there but I did miss the south and after a record of 90 days of drizzle 🌧 we had both had enough. Glad you liked your fairies and happy your a good tipper too. That means they will be back. Sending love. 🤗💕💖Joni

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                    5. Oh gosh….YOUR comments are the sweetest ever! You gift amazing amounts of smiles on my face and in my heart!!! And yes! Hot Springs is out of this world!

                      You’d love St. Simons. I keep thinking they’re going to sink it though as they just won’t stop developing it! The first time I came back to visit after being gone for many years I cried and cried. But alas. If You’ve never been here it seems very quaint still.

                      You know….that’s one of the things that kept us from jaunting up the coast to spend time in WA….the rain and clouds so much of the time!!! 🤣 I’m a big fat baby and seriously don’t know how Y’all or anyone lives there. It takes a special/specific kind of Spirit, I think, to be able to go for such long stretches without sunshine! Cheers to Y’all!!! 😄

                      I have a feeling WA is a bit like CA, where I spent a good amount of time. Although I will say coming home was a bit of a pleasant surprise in many ways. Things have opened up a good bit here, definitely from when we were little! Some nice changes. I’m glad the fairies were happy! We were beyond thrilled!!! 😃💖😊 Sending You tons of Love Tarzaning its way up to Ya’ll on happy crazy long strands of playful Spanish moss!!! 😃 Hoping You’re having a wonderful week, sweet Joni!!! 💖💖💖

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  3. Can’t decide which I like best, the poem or the painting? Both 🙂
    I love the water, the sound of the ocean, the blue that goes on forever, the thought that I could just set out to sea and go…

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  4. I’ve missed you! I was about to ask you how you were. Did you have a little vacation? 🙂 In any case it was worth waiting for you. 💕 What a cheerful painting. It’s absolutely perfect for someone’s beach house.

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    1. Hey Jo!!! I missed You and everyone as well!!! No….I just fell into a whirlwind of painting and super cleaning the house. Had let some chores seriously slide and it was time to do a little scrubbing here and there! 😅 Thank You so much!!! I’m happy You like this one! And Your comment makes me think perhaps I will take a print of this to the art gallery shop to sell….that hadn’t occurred to me. So thank You for sparking that idea! Sending huge hugs Your way!!! How are You? I’ll be around to Your lovely blog soon!!! 🤗❤️🌀💕😊


      1. If only I had a beach house… 🙂 I’m happy with the whirlwind of painting… looking forward to seeing all of them in time. And not so happy with the chores. 🙂 I myself need to start that super-cleaning at some point. Ugh! Otherwise I’m fine. Simply glad that my drop of color is back into my life. 🙂

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        1. I’m happy to hear You are fine! You have full permission to put off super-cleaning a while more! 🤣 As my man says, “We mustn’t overdo!” 😅 Thanks for Your happiness about my whirlwind of painting. Me too!!! I hope You have a wonderful weekend! ❤️❤️❤️


    1. Thank You so very much, beautiful Krishna!!! 🤗❤️😊 And Thank You so much for thinking of me! You are the sweetest. I’m fine. I fell into a whirlwind of painting and was wrapped up in that. And catching up on house cleaning! You know….the kind where You actually scrub the baseboards and mop under the fridge?!! Lord have mercy! I really let things fall behind. Yuck!!! 🤣 But all is well here and getting very clean! 😅 Sending such HUGE hugs of Peace to You also!!! How are You?!! 🤗❤️🙏🏼💕😊

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