next to it

autumn came running in three days ago all out of breath and overcome with joy

like santa he bounded straight down the chimney of summer’s life-sucking, perpetually sticky wet heat

banning the zillions of ravenous mosquitoes she kept in the folds of her skirts

everyone and everything has come back to life

even the butterflies have outnumbered themselves and swirl blissfully around our heads as we walk, seeming to sing, “it’s here! it’s here!”

rare birds i’ve never met before, on their way to south american jungles, danced ’round our back deck for a glorious couple of days speaking in languages of deep mystery and magical surprises

political signs wave in the breeze

the tv pipes in now and again leaking horror and opinions all over the floor

but, OH! LIFE, in her infinite, mind-blowing beauty and ALL embracing “Here I Am!!!”s

remains everything that is NOW

All art, poetry, etc. on this site (unless otherwise noted) are by/© Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art. All rights reserved.


  1. Meh, I’d disagree with one of the above replies. I’ve shut out the misinformation pipeline for over a month now. Never been happier. No radio or TV news. I catch a blurb here and there via the phone or PC, but that’s it.

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    1. Oh! apparently You’re living in the realm I most often dwell in!!! 🤣 We’ve changed places! I avoid the news/politics at all costs usually and bop around my life just trying to (wildly succeeding and wildly failing in turns) be the most loving person I can be and “the change in the world I want to see”…and am well aware that You VERY closely resemble one of my dearest, oldest friends who stays politically uber informed constantly!!! 🤣 This year I COMPLETELY getting You bowing out/away from the madness as You are cemented in what You feel is the absolute truth. I, unfortunately, have had to crawl out of my shell and pay attention as it’s impossible to make a decision on what to vote for if You don’t do A LOT of research right now!!! As Sir Charleton Heston screamed in ‘Planet of the Apes’: “IT’S A MADHOUSE!!!” I salute Your step away. And THANK GOD!!! I’m decided. News is off. Life will go on no matter what happens!!! But at least, to the best of my ability to process the insanity being offered….I’ll cast my vote in peace. Sigh. 💖💖💖

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      1. It’s not even a matter of absolute truth. We get so much disinformation and spin from both sides, I think it’s impossible to know what’s really going on.

        Voting though… None of the Above! LOL. Seriously, I don’t like any of the players. Trump will most likely be better for the economy as Biden’s answer to everything is tax businesses that are struggling with the pandemic until they’re no longer in business. Well, except for Amazon, Walmart and the Megabanks. That’s the closest thing to anything nice I have to say about Trump though.

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        1. Totally crazy! One of my dear friends who I’ve known for 41 years has a full time job, a family she’s very involved with, and a thriving social life, yet she reads about 12 different/varying worldwide publications a day in order to try and grasp what’s going on! She’s my hero. My brain would go on strike!!! 🤣 It’s astounding that that’s what it seems to take!!! Cowrazy. 😳 And I loved You referring to them as “players”. You just gifted a smile as that brought to mind Shakespeare (and many Spiritual teachers!) thoughts that, “All the world’s a stage. And the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances….”, etc. Wishing You a VERY wonderful break from the madness!!! Cheers! ❤️

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            1. My brain would seriously not make it through…I’d lose my mind and go into a pretty deep, dark depression. There would be many tears shed!!! It wouldn’t be pretty! 🤣 She stuns me. She stays in good humour. Very lighthearted and non-emotional about the state of things. There’s a peaceful surrender to her. Although she’s exceedingly passionate and cares VERY deeply, she doesn’t get fired up at all. Level headed to the nth degree. Doesn’t even talk politics unless You ask her about it. And even then…..she doesn’t come at it trying to change anyone’s opinion about anything. It’s remarkable….and a true gift as it makes it very easy to engage in deep conversation with her on pretty much anything. I’ve concluded that she’s just wired by the Angels! Well….her name IS Angela! So there You go!!! 🤣💕🤗 Have a great weekend, Silk Cords! You always make me smile!!! 💖


  2. Your writing is delicious and full of your love for nature my friend. You are a bit of a jewel for your paintings are gorgeous bringing a wave of happiness to the eye immediately. Then your words flow like the wavy texture of your paintings filled with your love of the land where you and yours plant your feet amongst the nature kissed by fairies and fire flies. Incredible dear Katy. Sending love to you and yours. 💖🤗💕🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️

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    1. Thank You, Vinneve!!! I think it’s a poem…but I am not thoroughly educated in that manner….from what I know I think a haiku is 3 lines with the the first and last having 5 syllables and the middle having 3….but this may fall under that in some other definition! Regardless of what it is….Thank You!!! You just gifted a huge smile!!! 🤗❤️😊

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  3. Your beautiful poem and lovely painting are very uplifting as we’re going towards cold seasons. I love the bright moonlight shining through the universe. It makes the scene dreamy and atmospheric. Sending love and hugs, dear Katy! 💕❤️✨🎈🤗😊

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  4. I love autumn and your poem is spot on, until… yeah, they should move the elections in winter. 🙂 My fave line is “rare birds I’ve never met before…” You really have a way with words, Katy. It’s rare that a person is talented in two different domains. As for the painting, I love it, it’s like art-xanax 🙂 but that’s not autumn. That’s spring! … despite the yellowish leaves. 🙂

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    1. Thank You, Jo!!! You know, I almost took the political thing out of the poem…but it came out as I was writing so I left it in. Went for a very long walk the other afternoon and in the middle of all the glorious fall joy there stood a line of political signs in the grass next to a fence that was laden with TONS of wildflowers that were covered in bees and butterflies. The sun was shining. The signs were swaying…and I was gifted a reprieve from how very serious things are feeling in my country right now. It was just sweet. Life goes on regardless of whatever our cultures/societies are working on/out. So….it stayed in.

      Thank You so much for Your outrageously sweet words! I wish I could show all of You those birds! Bill says he’s seen them once in a blue moon every few years but I don’t recall ever seeing them before! They were jet black with BRIGHT yellow and orange patches on them as if someone had taken a very fat paintbrush and boldly streaked them. And they were SOOOO chatty and happy. Bopping all over the deck for a couple of days! Then….gone! 😄

      “art-xanax”!!! JO!!! I can’t tell You how much I love that! 🤣 Thank You! And yeah….I live on a semi-tropical island. When actual Autumn Equinox came it was sooooo hot, humid and sincerely full of mosquito clouds that I forgot it was Sept 21! 🤣 It truly only just started to cool down 3 days ago…and it was a drastic, wonderful shift! Our fall is mostly green! Flowers everywhere still…it will be a few weeks before the trees that are going to change their clothes will begin! So yeah…our fall looks like a lot of local’s Spring! 😅

      Sending a huge hug Your way! Thank You for the bundle of joy this comment was! Cheers and Happy weekend!!! 🤗❤️😊

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      1. Well, politics is part of life. One can’t help it. And even if that line brings us with our feet on the ground, one look at your cheerful art (art-xanax, you know 🙂 ) and we’re blissful again. 🙂 I really mean it. Your art has this effect on me… and on others, I’m sure. Thank you! 💕

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        1. I know! Right? I’m trying to be mature and actually truly pay attention to politics this year so I can vote to the best of my knowledge….but my circus mind kicks and screams in fits and starts! 🤣 And wow!!! That makes me SOOOOO happy, Jo!!! You gifted another gigantic smile!!! THANK YOU!!! 🤗❤️🌀💖😊


  5. Wow, Absolutely magnificent painting and poem!!! 😍♥️
    I love autumn, is my favourite season! 🍁🍂🧡
    I send you a very big hug full of affection and have a wonderful weekend!!! 😘🤗♥️♥️♥️

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  6. Oh, Katy, that is beautiful: seeing the world with your eyes; feeling the change of seasons with your heart.

    “like santa he bounded straight down the chimney of summer’s life-sucking, perpetually sticky wet heat
    banning the zillions of ravenous mosquitoes she kept in the folds of her skirts”


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