crystal clear

rain soaked full moon rise

end of the day swallowed whole

new beginnings now

• • •

Happy Saturday, Beautiful People!

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        1. OH MY GOSH!!!! BERNADINE!!! You are so brilliant!!! I’m am beyond embarrassed because I didn’t even notice You’d commented in haiku…which I LOVE!!! I did think, “Wow. She has such a lovely, gentle way of speaking!” but didn’t even realize. And YES! You did it perfectly! I LOVE when people haiku here. What a sweet/cool gift! I will notice next time. Sitting here laughing wondering how many times over the years I haven’t noticed when people do that. Lord! Thank You again and Thanks for sharpening my radar! Cheers and Huge hugs Your way!!! 😅❤️🤗!

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    1. Thank You!!! You know what’s funny? This is actually a digital finger painting I did on Halloween. The whole moon thing started out as a ghost…it was cool and flowing but I couldn’t get it right and just started scribbling layer upon layer upon layer which became the ocean and then….Ah! I transformed the sweet uncooperative ghost into a moon! Painted during a rainstorm while I was watching a creepy movie….which is RARE for us! But when it storms on Halloween, I think it’s in the rule book that You have to watch a Halloweenish movie! 🤣 AND…Happy November to You and Yours as well! I forgot to say that over at Your wonderful blog! Huge hugs and Cheers! 🤗❤️😊

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    1. OH MAN!!! Joni! I forgot it was a blue moon!!! So rainy here lastnight! But when I opened the curtains very early this morning I got to spend some time with the moon. Just glorious! I hope Y’all had a lovely nite! And Thank You so much for Your sweetness!!! Love You too!!! 🤗❤️😊

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