perhaps also…

our covid masks secure, our voices raised in hopes of clarity

miscommunication runs rampant

lost features could translate

i’ll never know

but in the aftermath of things that will never be resolved

i wonder if perhaps

while our personalities, tightly clothed in our stories

play a games of ball in which no one catches anything

our Spirits run in perfect harmony

free and wild

in spaces that would blow our teeny tiny minds…

• • •

Happy Saturday, Beautiful People!!!

All my art here is available for sale in various forms on my website:


  1. Oh Katy I love your poem and what a beautiful thought about where we are might be going. It is so lovely my friend. I absolutely love your video’s they show so much of your amazing work on reclaimed wood, I simply love your work, it is so bright and cheerful and the colors vivid! I love the tree with the little (what I think looks like a visiting) fairy sitting in it. I dare anyone not to smile watching your videos, my mouth could do nothing but smile and your car is a masterpiece. What a great way to show your talent and your work and to hide the rusting which just happens in the south. It makes me think how cute our Smart car would look painted. I hope you will do more video’s I love them and your smile is how I pictured it. Lovely and real as your beautiful face when it lights up! A little thing to mention that I thought you might get a kick out of is that Scott and I are looking at a place near Hot Springs. We don’t think it will be there for long, it has 15 areas and is twenty minutes to Hot Springs. He found it and wasn’t even looking for a place near Hot Springs, NC it just came up in his search. When he showed me I told him excitedly that this was the place that you said was so amazing. Wouldn’t that be something if we ended up there. Sending love, hugs, and an entire troop of butterflies and lightening bugs and of course my lovely fairy friends, to travel with you in your beautiful car. They will light it up for you at night. You will get lots of orders coming in daily for your beautiful work my friend.

    Here is my little free-flow happy thought:

    “Enlightenment comes when we travel with masks, we delay our work and walk down new paths, our partners are waiting to share in our joy, we are like children again in our painted red toy, we share with our friends the beauty of love in that space, for our spirits are talking for we need not our face.”

    Love you sweetie, give the dragons a kiss for me and a hug to your love, he must be so proud of your beautiful work! Joni

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    1. Oh gosh….Thank You for all of this, lovely Joni!!! What a treasure trove of delights!

      I LOVE Your free-flow happy thought. Just beautiful!!!

      And how crazy sweet You are to watch my videos! Thanks for watching and for You wonderfully kind feedback! You’ll smile….the little girl in the tree I think may be a Spirit that dwells on this island. I was riding my bike one day years ago and crazy as this sounds I heard her say “Paint me.” and clear as day saw her in my mind’s eye, high in the branches of a tree with a flower behind her ear. That was that. She just came. Bossy and funny and she makes me smile every time I walk past her! 😊

      And YAY!! Thank You for all the delightful gifts You packed in my car. I’m going to burst out joyfully laughing every time I get in and remember! I send Y’all ever flowing Love-filled stardust to flood Your little Smart Car and shine Your way with much Bliss! 💖

      AND WOW!!! LOVING that Scott happenstance came across property near Hot Springs. Sounds amazingly beautiful. I’m certain wherever Y’all end up will be amazing…but that is SO COOL!

      Love You, too! Huge hugs topped with all that makes Y’all smile!!! 🤗💖😊

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      1. Sounds like your girl in the tree is your angel of protection. We all have them most of us just don’t see them. Thank you for all your sweet comments back. I also love the star dust in the car. It is so much fun sending gifts of special love that can’t be bought. I do hope you do more videos. I bet there isn’t a person in town that doesn’t know you. Your car is like happiness times ten. You two have an amazing thanksgiving weekend. Sending you and your honey from me and mine. PS excuse all the typos I think I was tired. Your work puts an extra bit of light in my day. 😘🤗💕❤️🧚🏻🧚🏻🐉🐉

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        1. It IS fun sending those gifts, isn’t it? They fly all around the globe from All of Us! Pretty cool!!! And yeah….my car brings lots of laughter and smiles, for sure! And Thank You! I hope Y’all have an amazing Thanksgiving weekend as well!!! No worries about the typos! God only knows what I strew all about blogland in the form of typos! 🤣 Your work puts an extra bit of light in my day as well, sweet Joni!!! 🤗❤️🧚🏽💖😊

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    1. Thank You, Balladeer!!! You just gifted a huge smile. I wormed my way into that fantabulous brain of Yours!!! And You actually crossed my mind as I was painting this because in my circus-mind this is an odd perspective of an alien horse running wild through the plains for a far off world! 😅😃❤️🤗

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  2. Ooooh I love this, and I love the thought of there being something greater than ourselves. Like behind all of our actions, words and masks, there’s something deeper, something that connects all of us in harmony. Beautiful! xx

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    1. Oh wow!!! Aimer….I love this! 😅 I actually wrote this after an exceedingly frustrating masked conversation I’d had! I almost came out of my skin and it was everything I could do to just focus on my breath! Felt like we were completely missing one another’s meanings at every turn. Agony. 🤣 I like Your interpretation! And YES!!! If I find that….I’ll sign EVERYBODY up!!! Thanks for the huge smile You gifted! Huge hugs Your way! 🤗❤️😊


      1. You took your frustration and turned it into words that can reach people in untold ways, so trying to talk sense into that moron wasn’t a complete waste of your time 🙂

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  3. I see the whirlwind of emotions unified in one bright stream of consciousness. As always your painting is positive and hopeful. 💕 I really love that about your work. 🐡🐢🐠🌈

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  4. Katy, beautiful words to go with a beautiful painting !! Just LOVE your work. Be blessed always and keep drawing!! 💐💐❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗. You are a 🌻 on this 🌏😍😍

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