our map

i think we’ve been on this road before

sometimes we drag our feet then run full tilt as if our lives depended on it

other times we skip-zig-zag wild and i think i remember times where i pitched a tent

right smack in the middle and just slept

this time we tango between trees of shimmering light

and flirtatiously smile in those wondrous moments

when our eyes truly see

• • •

Happy Wednesday, Beautiful People!

• • •

P.S. I am happy to share that I opened a shop on redbubble! Yay! If You’re an artist, it’s a pretty cool company as they offer a platform to have Your art printed on over 80 items. You help with the design and keep Your copyright. They name the price they want to make and You are free to adjust Your portion, which the retail price will reflect. The second You want out, You and Your art can leave. They don’t keep Your art. Thank You, Elaine, for being an inspiration and for Your willingness to talk to me about it! Thank You also to lovely Hannah whose shop and art I have admired for the many years we’ve followed one another! Cheers All around, Everyone! Rock On!

Wanna gift/wear my art or have it around Your house? I joyfully invite You to visit my redbubble shop!


  1. I’m a poor map reader but your map I’d love to bring with me when I wander in the wild world.

    When I get lost, I won’t panic. I would find a quiet spot, studying the colourful path and regaining my faith. And then I’ll move on.

    Your art and poems are encouraging and inspiring, and full of love! ❤️

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  2. Katy this is such a beautiful piece of work. You can not read this poetry without a smile and feeling so hopeful about life. Your painting is the most beautiful map I have ever seen. The spots with forecasting weather look like bright tornados 🌪 of light and love dotting the universe.
    I have visited your store and it is fabulous my friend. It must feel good to see your beautiful work on things that people will wear and what a great way to advertise your work. You are a jewel, a pearl. Love you bunches dear Katy. Congratulations indeed!! ❤️💕🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🐉🐉

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    1. Aw! Dear Joni!!! Goodness. Thank You so very much for all of this amazing kindness!!! And Thank You for taking the time to look through my store! How very fun! Love You bunches right back, sweet Lady!!! 💖🤗🧚🏽💕🐉😊❤️

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      1. Your store is precious and full of all kinds of bright and lovely designs, and your beautiful artwork. Who doesn’t fall in love with an ant decorating a Christmas flower.
        🦋😘🤗💕❤️🐉🐉🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️love y’all to pieces

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    1. Thank You, Shashank!!! And I actually did put my Om painting in the shop. It comes in many different types of shirts/dresses, shower curtains, phone covers, etc.! The Om at the end of my blog is the Om from that painting….I just took out the background and paint it different colours now and again to go at the bottom of my blog…but the original painting is much larger and the Om is the sun shining down on flowers….it’s really cool! I’m going to be painting another Om soon. It was fun making the one at the bottom of my blog more vibrantly coloured…the next one’s going to go more in that direction…I think. My paintings tend to boss me around though….so we’ll see what the next Om decides to be!!! Huge hugs Your way!!! 🤗❤️😊


  3. Brilliant, Katy!! Congratulations!!!! So happy for you.😍😍😍 I’m glad your dreams are coming true!!! The poem is so beautiful and the painting…. Wow….sometimes I have no words to express!!! Lol. Stay blessed my dear and be the happy soul you always are. ☺️💐❤️💕🤗🤗

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  4. I love the painting, it does remind me of a weather map or heat map! And another beautiful poem. You can feel the hope and vivid sense of life that emanates once you ‘see’, once you open your eyes and your heart to life. Beautiful.

    I was going to say “my friend Elaine has opened a RedBubble account”, then I saw you mentioned her! She’s fab, isn’t she? I’ve had a look at your shop and it’s amazing, so cool to see all of your beautiful designs all together like this and on such a range of products! You should be very proud! ♥

    Caz xx

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    1. Hey Caz!!! Thank You!!! That’s so cool….it DOES look like a weather map! I hadn’t thought of that! Your thoughts are always so lovely. And YES!!! Elaine is totally fab! She and her art always make me smile!!! Thank You more than I can say for checking out my shop!!! I’m excited! Very fun to try something new. Huge hugs Your way!!! 🤗❤️😊


  5. Beautiful painting and beautiful words!
    Congratulations on the store opening on redbubble! I have already had a look at your store and am thrilled how great your designs look on the different items .😍😍 I find the socks and the shower curtains especially exciting! I am sure that your wonderful designs will sell like hot cakes.
    Sending you huge hugs! 🤗 Thank you and Cheers! ❤️

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    1. Oh Thank You, Hanna!!! Thank You for checking it out!!! When I did the link I didn’t realize You were on Redbubble as well…I’ve just always enjoyed bopping around the shop on Your website. I LOVE that You’re doing both. Your art makes me so happy!!! And it’s my pleasure to mention You….You truly have been a sweet inspiration! I hope You have a blessed day as well, lovely Hanna!!! Huge hugs and Cheers! 🤗❤️😊


  6. Congrats, Katy! ❤️ I had no idea you created T-shirts as well. They look awesome! As for your current painting, I see a body of water (the Atlantic) I am on the right coast and you’re on the left coast. Can you see me waving at you? 🙂

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    1. Thank You, Jo!!! You know, I only had some lighthouse t-shirts that I had made and sell on my website but it cost SOOOO much money. I like this company because they are enabling me to do things I would love to do but just can’t afford…yet I get to KEEP my art and the copyright. Win win. And I can’t tell You how much JOY Your sweet comment gifted! YES! Yes I see You!!! I’m jumping up and down and waving right back Your way!!! 🤗❤️😊


    1. Oh Wow!!! Thank You so very much Irina and Thank You for checking it out!!! Your crazy amazing art would be so beautiful on all those products! I wish You the best of luck as well in all Your new ventures!!! And a huge hug back, my friend!!! 🤗❤️😊


    1. Ah! Thank You, beautiful Gabriela!!! And Thanks!!! I’d be honoured if You visit! It’s really fun that they can put art on SOOO much stuff! Very cool! I’m excited! Cheers and Huge hugs to You!!! 🤗❤️😊

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