in my house

we walk softly, almost dancing, like giggling angels sneaking cookies by moonlight

then rumble tumble blindly like unhappy bulls in a delicate tearoom who have waaayyy overspiked their refreshment

but the sun rises

the waves continue teasing the shore

and we are loved, loved, LOVED

• • •

Happy Wednesday, Beautiful People!!! Thank You for being here, and for all the love while I’ve been going through some transitions! I hope Everyone’s well, think I am back this time, and am SO looking forward to seeing what Y’all are up to!!! Cheers and Hugs all around!

All art, poetry, etc. on this site (unless otherwise noted) are by/© Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art. All rights reserved.


  1. Hi dearest Katy!!! 🥰😘😘🌹 Absolutely gorgeous!!! 🤩😍😘💕❤️💞🌺💞🌺💕 I send you a very big hug full of affection!!! 🤗❤️🥰🌺💞❤️😘😘😘😘💕💞🌺🌸🌺💕❤️💕❤️💕💞💕❤️💕💞💕❤️🌹💕🌹💕🌹

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  2. Lovely to see you back again, Katy! Love the flamingo and the piece is perfect, contrasting that high, the positivity and cookie-sneaking lightness with the chaos and unhappiness. It all rolls around like waves and gets snuggled up at the end  ♥ xxxxx

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    1. Hey Caz! Thank You!!! Lovely seeing You as well! I’ll be around soon. And….right? It’s amazing to me how life just ping pongs about between joy and sorrow all the time. It’s such an interesting dance. I love how You put it: “…and gets snuggled up at the end.” Beautiful! Sending huge hugs Your way!!! 🤗❤️😊

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  3. Hello Katy. So good to see you back, your posts always bring a wonderful look accompanied by beautiful images and writings.
    I stopped by to wish you a wonderful day. I have been little present lately, also with some transitions in my life. I believe that from time to time we go through them.
    I am very happy to know that you are here.
    A very strong hug and cheers.

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    1. Hey Irina!!! Thank You so very much for all of this!!! I wish You a wonderful day as well! And I so agree….from time to time some of us absolutely have to shut down and go into our caves to process. I am very happy to know that You are here as well. It’s such a sweet gift having connection with such kindred Spirits around the world. I will be by Your wonderful blog soon!!! A very strong hug and cheers right back to You!!! 🤗💖😊

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    1. Hey Aimer!!! Thank You! It’s so nice to be back! I’ll be around soon. And yeah! I like that! Vegas show girl, she is!!! Perhaps she’ll cut us a commission. 🤣 Hugs and Cheers!!! 🤗❤️😊

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    1. Hey Shashank!!! Thank You!!! Yeah…I have no idea what or who this funny bird is. I haven’t painted/drawn in a while and I told myself I was going to draw SOMETHING and that was that. He’s what came out! 🤣 I’m gonna say he’s what happens when a dodo, duck, ostrich, emu, hummingbird and a boatload of laughter have a baby. Let’s call him a shibbydodunknit!!! Yeah…that’s it!!! 🤣 Have a great one and thanks again!!! 🤗❤️😊

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  4. Oh how wonderful my friend, Yea!!!! Me and the fairies are having a party right now, we are singing, dancing and hoping around with a house full of laughter and thankfulness that you are dear friend are back. Your artwork is so lovely and your poem makes me smile so big my face might crack. I have missed you and your beautiful work so much. Welcome back my dear friend, Scott sends his love too. I wrote a haiku in celebration of your return. xoxoxo

    Beloved artist
    Returns to the loving fold
    Sealing cracks of loss

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    1. OH WOW!!! That’s soooo sweet, generous and lovely!!! THANK YOU, dear Joni!!! Please give Scott and all the fairies my Love and Thanks as well!!! Sending HUGE hugs Y’alls way! 🤗💖💖💖💖💖😊

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      1. There is a lot of love coming from this house believe me Kind Katy. You are welcome. We are sending you lots of hugs right back.
        The fairies are missing the dragons 🐉 please send them by. Love ❤️ hugs 🤗 and blessings. ❤️🤗💕🥰🧚‍♀️🧚🏻

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