the deepest silence

cradles our mad, noisy world;

holds vigil…………and L O V E S…

• • •

Happy Sunday, Beautiful People of the World!!! I hope this finds You and Yours well!!! I was reminded this week that at any given moment there are literally tens of thousands of People all over the world who are meditating/praying/zinging LOVE around the planet to EVERY ONE!!! Even when we forget it; we are shrouded in Love on more levels than we are aware of. I’ll take it!!! Sending HUGE HUGS and SOOOOO MUCH LOVE to You! Wishing You and Yours a week with Joy surprising You at every turn!

All artwork, poetry, etc. on this site (unless otherwise noted) are by/© Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art. All rights reserved.
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    1. OH!!! HEY sweet Angel, Beautiful Gabriela!!! Thank You!!! I hope You and Yours are on Your trip and are soaking up some sun and yummy culture somewhere that will set Your AMAZING Soul on fire with words that absolutely stop us in our tracks…..drop our jaws and connect us back to ourselves!!! Sending You HUGE hugs and so much Love!!! 🤗❤️😊

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      1. Hello hon, so glad you got back you me. Thank you for your wonderful words. I am definitely trying to connect to myself while promoting the anthology. Work never stops. Love you. I hope you are well. Sending huge hugs 🌺🌸❤️🌹🤗❤️

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        1. Yeah….I’m a particularly slow train these days! It’s my birthday month so I think that’s in the rulebook somewhere! 🤣 As birthday Queen I command You to breath deeply and to do at least one thing a day that is not on Your “to do” list that gifts You joy on some level. You must obey me, my friend!!! 🤣💝🤗🌹🎉


    1. Hey Shashank!!! I’m doing fine, Thank You!!! I hope You, Lovely Priya and Y’alls beautiful furry loves are doing well also!!! I visited Your blog and saw I’ve already like all Your posts but know I sent an energetic “LIKE” and comment from my heart across the planet to You and Yours hoping all is wonderful Your way!!! 💕🙏🏼🤗🎶🎉🌻😊


    1. Thank You, Aimer!!! You know, I easily could make it available if You (or anyone else) is interested. I removed greeting cards from my site recently as they really stopped moving altogether a couple of years ago. As I print my own cards individually on museum quality recycled stock; my materials are costly so it can be expensive ordering multiples and there are many artists who get large amounts of cards printed up very inexpensively and can charge low prices for a dozen or so! Let me know, though, if You’re interested and I’ll let You know what the prices are. Huge hugs!!! 🤗❤️😊


        1. YES!!!! You’ll laugh, and this is likely WAY too much TMI….but often I sing that in the shower every morning!!! It’s REALLY true! And can You imagine the world we can create once WE ALL have the capacity to remember that?!! 💖💖💖

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    1. Oh gosh…my pleasure, Peter. It truly almost gets to be too much some days, doesn’t it? THANK YOU for the same, my friend!!! So many of my friends here in blogland buoy me, feed my joy, help me shift my perspectives….ease my thought processes. A blessing, to be sure!!! And yes, May we all be richly blessed. Sweet. Huge hugs!!! 🤗❤️🙏🏼

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  1. Gloriously done dear beautiful Katydid. Your painting is lovely and makes me smile as does your gorgeous use of words. Sending you loads of love, peace and happiness today and this new week budding now. Love you bunches. Sending sweet biscuits and warm hot cocoa. 🦋❤️🤗🌹💝❤️🦋🤗🌹

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    1. Thank You, beautiful JK!!! This is so sweet! Sending You loads of Love right back along with a huge bouquet of fresh baked sugar cookies! The dragons are delivering so the fairies have been warned these are for You and Yours to enjoy!!! Lord know, they get plenty!!! 🤗❤️🍪🐲🧚🏽💕😊

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        1. OH WOW!!! I need to get Your legit address when You are back on the East Coast then…because…and I don’t mean to brag…BUT: I make AMAZING homemade organic sugar cookies!!! For REAL!!!! Hah!!!! Yay! Thank You for always supporting me with so much Love and kindness. You gift all of us so very much in so many ways with Your beautiufl-right-to-the-heart poetry and open-hearted praise, dear JK!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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          1. I so appreciate your kind works Katydid they make me beam. I love sugar cookies. Next time I gmail I will send our address. You always make me feel special and leave me smiling. Then that is the wonderful thing a visit to your site can do for everyone. Love you bunches 🦋❤️🦋

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