your reflection

“every step you take…”*

from deep inside your sweet heart

ONE watches…..and Loves…

• • •

Happy Monday Beautiful World Family!!! Hoping You and Yours have many sweet surprises this week gifting joyful smiles!!! Sending Much Love and Huge Hugs all Around!!! Cheers!

*I must admit I will never ever ever be able to think of the words “every step You take” without thinking of the amazing STING, The Police and ‘Every Breath You Take’!!! In my mind….those are their words! Thanks Sting! 💕

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    1. Oh gosh, my pleasure!!! And Sting isn’t aware of this, but he was supposed to marry me! He and Trudy seem so very happy though for so many years….so I’m letting it slide. Next time around though, he’s mine, ladies!!! 🤣🤗❤️😊

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      1. Funny. Too funny. Though I must warn you: you’ll get lots of competition for that as I know many, who will rise to the challenge.
        Now I want to gently set you back down on the ground: you go, girl!
        Blessings. I wish you MMM-iracles!!

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    1. Right?!! Me too!!! 😃 I swear, I almost posted the video (although it has absolutely nothing to do with an Angel in shimmering gold light or what I was thinking at the time!!! 🤣) but in this day and age I’ve seen people associating that song with stalkers and abuse…, no. But I did watch it!!! Sting absolutely should have been cast as Lestat in Interview With A Vampire. That’s all I’m sayin’!!! 😂 Lord have mercy he can throw some serious intensity!!!

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