our cuppa

i’ve recently learned that frogs like wine

and if you’d care to share yours

they’ll sing you a song and tell you some jokes

and chase away your heart sores!!!

• • •

Happy Sunday, Beautiful World Family!!! I hope You and Yours are well and that You All have a most wonderful week!!! Don’t blame me if You actually try this and Your neighbours start to worry!!! 🤣 Cheers and Huge hugs all around!

All artwork, poetry, etc. on this site (unless otherwise noted) are by/© Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art. All rights reserved.
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  1. Oh no! Don’t give the frogs 🐸 here any ideas! They do enough croaking already as it is. Let them continue to think a sparkling glass of rainwater and a smorgasbord of bugs 🐞 is the definition of fine dining 😂
    Awesome post and painting

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    1. 🤣 Well….darn! Sorry! My frogs put a little youtube channel together on the amphibian network and they’ve put out the word! The good news is that a bottle of wine lasts about a year as far as they are concerned….they are lightweights and actually get pretty wonderfully creative after a tiny nip! Jazz croaking, as it were!!! 🤣 Thank You, emmblu!!! 🤗❤️😊


  2. Beloved Katy, 🥰
    this is a delightful and refreshing story at the same time. 🐸 Tangible thanks for sharing and the picture to go with it, 🦋 in which one truly sees ❤️ your beautiful soul whole, smiling and loving.
    🤗 Hugs in spirit 💫

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      1. Wonderful Katy, ❤️ be heartily thanked. The incredible ginormous smile has arrived and are answered with extraordinary smiles 😊 and, of course, 🐟 unusual tangible hugs. 🤗🤗🤗
        Joy of being 💫 Luxus

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        1. AHHHH! Dear, beautiful Luxus!!! The tangible JOY You gift is superelasticbubbleplastic times infinity! Thank You for this!!! Sending unusual tangible hugs and Joy of Being right back to You, my friend!!! We’re creating an incredible blanked of Joy stretching far and wide!!! Yay!!! 🤗💝🌟🌊🌞💕😃!!!

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          1. 😃😃😃 Yay!!! Joy for all, irresistible and area-wide. Hooray, I’m with you, beloved Kathy, 💕sending one of those unusually tangible hugs right back to you to use as a lasso and encircle your entire environment with it. Only those who want to may escape the joy, but honestly, who wants that?
            Bless you, beautiful friend 🤗

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    1. Thank You, Peter and…..Ah! I’ll have to ask! As I just tend to pick the bottle in my price range that has the coolest art on the label (not even joking!)….they haven’t had much choice! In the beginning one requested vitnage Laphroaig Whiskey. I told him as long as he was footing the bill and would baby sit me afterwards….sure. That was the end of that!!! 🤣 Thanks for the laugh, Sir Peter! I actually looked that up. Is that really a thing? It’s funny!!! Hugs and Cheers!!! 🤗❤️🐸😊

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    1. DUDE!!!! HOW DID THAT NOT EVEN OCCUR TO ME?!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Oh man! Love it!!! And no! Apparently he’s left quite a long line of little partying hippy frogs in his wake and 5 of them hang out on my deck!!! 🤣🐸 Thank You for the laugh, my friend!!! Hugs! 🤗❤️😊


  3. This is so precious beautiful Katydid. I want to hear the frog singing. What a beautiful painting and such a lovely thought. We fly home tomorrow and I promise to buy some wine and pour a glass for the frogs. Sending you hugs and love. Thank you for sharing your happiness. 🦋❤️🥰

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    1. JK!!!! SOOOO FUNNY!!! I swear…..right and I mean RIGHT when I started reading Your comment, where You say You hear the frog singing….a frog on my deck started singing!!! That was perfect!!! 🤣 I have about 5 little treefrogs that live on my deck and they make me laugh all the time. Apparently when I put a birdbath out there I was sorely mistaken as it is most definitely a frog pool! 🤣 Thank You for this sweet comment!!! I hope You and Scott have/had/are having a pleasant flight home. I can’t even believe how FAST that flew by!!! Sending hugs and love right back, my friend!!! Thank YOU for sharing Yours!!! 🤗❤️🤣🧚🏽💐


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